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Finance Jobs in Pune

Being a throbbing land of new enterprises, Pune is one of the major business hubs in India. The city boasts a mostly young crowd and holds numerous possibilities for people who want to kick start their careers.

Scope in Finance Job in Pune

Jobs in the finance sector have seen steady growth in the city. As more and more companies are trying to expand, the demand for skilled finance analysts and managers is increasing. Pune is one of the cities where the opportunities for good finance jobs are endless.

There are numerous reasons why people in the commerce field prefer a job in the finance industry. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should consider a career in the finance field:

High earning potential: The finance industry offers the highest paying entry-level positions. This profession pays reasonably well and is rewarding for the go-getters. Your efforts are bound to be adequately compensated.

Challenging career: While the workload might not be a lot, it is a mind-crunching field. It keeps you on your toes and throws exciting challenges, enhancing your work experience. Lifestyle Balance: As you get handsomely compensated for a fair amount of work, you also get time to invest in your social life and balance your personal and professional lifestyles.

Growth Opportunities: The finance industry is quite branched out, so you get an opportunity to select the right profile that fits your interests. There is also much room to grow and move upwards in your career.

Job Security: The finance sector offers abundant opportunities and job security for skilled professionals. And even if you need to change cities or companies, many jobs are open for you.

Here are some key factors that will help you evaluate the scope and possibilities in the field of finance jobs in Pune.

Skills & Responsibility of Finance Job in Pune
Some of the primary skills required for finance jobs in Pune include:
  • Acute decision-making skills
  • Detail oriented
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience in using finance-related software.
Qualifications Required for Finance Job in Pune

For entry-level jobs in the finance field in Pune, you need only a bachelor's degree in one or more commerce fields, i.e., statistics, math, economics, etc. However, companies highly value certifications such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) if you want to expand your scope and make more money.

You need to be good with numbers and have an outstanding numerical aptitude. Furthermore, you must be well versed in the changing national and international regulations to create sustainable plans.

Salary Range for Finance Jobs in Pune depending on experience

As the profile is mainly related to skill-based work and experience in tackling various financial problems, your salary will highly depend on the amount of experience you have. The more projects and years you have on your resume, the more companies will be willing to hire you and pay you well.

Entry level: If you are a new entrant into the finance field, you can expect a minimum salary of Rs. 15,000 per month and a maximum of about Rs. 30,000 per month.

Associate level: If you have a good experience under your belt for more than three years, you can expect a salary somewhere between Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 75,000 per month.

Expert Level: If you have worked in the field for a long time and have an experience of more than five years, you can expect a basic salary of more than Rs. 1 lakh per month.

Top Finance Job Roles in Demand in Pune

From allowing a balanced lifestyle to giving you proper compensation, finance jobs in Pune have many advantages and benefits, making it such an exciting and attractive profile. While providing you job satisfaction and security, it also allows you to crunch your mind and develop effective solutions to help businesses grow and expand. Some of the top finance job roles that are in demand in Pune are:

Wealth Management, Risk Assessment, Financial Management, Financial Analysis

How Qjobs Helps You Find Finance Jobs in Pune

The primary factor determining your pay scale is the amount of experience you have under your belt. If you are interested in finding good finance jobs in Pune, Qjobs is here. We provide you with a wide range of financerelated job opportunities, from small start-ups to big MNCs. You can choose the ideal job depending on your interests and skill set.

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Frequently Asked Question

The Qjob portal is convenient and made to enhance your job hunt experience. Just select the city and the category from where you want a job, and the portal will handpick a wide selection for you to choose from. You can also filter the searches based on your experience and work preferences.

Following are the different kinds of finance jobs available in Pune:
Finance analysis
Finance planning
Data Entry
Investment planning
Insurance/insurance planning
Accounts department

You can easily find finance jobs in Pune on Qjobs; you need to select the city, choose the sector where you want the job, upload your resume, and that's it.

Pune is an excellent destination to kickstart your career. While it will be hard and not as rewarding in the initial stage, you can observe a steady increase in salary and perks as you add more experience and completed projects to your resume.

Some of the leading companies where you can apply for finance jobs in Pune are:
Tata Communications
Amoli Talents

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