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Are you looking for a well-paying driving job on two-wheelers? Yes, bike-driver jobs have emerged as one of the most sought after professions, especially for the young. All it needs is for you to have a two-wheeler, a valid driving licence and safe driving skills. This could be your break into one of the fastest-growing jobs in India today.

Believe it or not, there has been considerable demand for bike-driver jobs in recent times. While many factors contribute, the thriving home-delivery business is a significant reason. Another reason is the two-wheeler rental business taking off in several cities of India. Many of their customers opt for two-wheelers with drivers to save the hassles of burgeoning traffic on the roads. Interestingly, these jobs are not only confined to metro cities but also 2-tier and 3-tier cities across India, making it a legit earning opportunity for youngsters everywhere.

Skill-sets & salaries

The expectation from hiring companies is pretty basic – good driving skills, on-time delivery to their customers, understanding road safety rules and the ability to use a smartphone for updating order status. They look for candidates with basic 12th pass/PUC education with no criminal background. The on-boarding is pretty quick, with the applicants required to submit copies of the Aadhaar card, driving licence and PAN card as personal documents. The salaries range from Rs. 20,000 – 25,000 a month but mostly depend on the number of trips/orders you service every day. This includes performance-based incentives (daily/weekly), which depend on factors such as customer ratings. With options of being a part-time driver or a full-time driver, along with the opportunity to earn handsomely on incentives, join the fleet of professional bike-drivers – the booming sector among jobs for the next billion in India.

Frequently Asked Question

If you are in the 18-30 age-group, have a valid driving licence and own a two-wheeler, now is the time to start. Visit www. qjobsindia.com and start browsing through the ‘drivers’ category. Right from major metro cities to small towns across India, you will find this interesting job-opportunity just a click away.

The employers mostly are bike taxi companies such as Rapido, Ola bikes and Uber Moto; two-wheeler rental companies such as Bounce and Scoot; and the hospitality industry in places with high tourist footfalls. Major courier companies have also started using two-wheelers for their last-mile delivery.

The employers provide you with medical insurance that will cover your hospital expenses in case of any on-road accidents.

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