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Machine/operator jobs continue to be in high demand in India and around the world. Machine operators are workers who are trained to operate equipment to execute activities such as manufacturing, servicing and even quality-control among other such functions. Call it the ‘evergreen job generator’ that caters to a host of sectors including construction, manufacturing and even service industry for diverse activities.

Responsibilities of an operator

The list of responsibilities of an operator will vary depending on the size, type and level of complexity of the equipment. Their primary responsibilities include operating & proactively maintaining the efficiency of the equipment; ensuring the quality of machine operations and monitoring operations of the machine & its related components; ensuring all safety measures are in place for the concerned equipment; regularly generating performance reports of the equipment.

Operator top skills & proficiencies

A successful machine operator is a combination of good training and versatile experience apart from some basic personality traits. The basic qualifications vary depending on the complexity of the machine, but mostly the requirement may not be more than high school or a diploma. Proper certified training on the latest versions of the equipment and mandatory licensing (if required) is a must before starting your professional journey.

However, along with the qualifications and proficiencies, there are some basic life skills that are critical to thrive as a machine operator. Excellent communication skills that enable you to effectively communicate with your peers and supervisors, acute attention to detail while operating your machine, a technical blend of mind combined with good problem-solving skills and comfortable usage of basic machine tools are key factors to succeed as a machine operator. Today several machine operators have gone digital, controlling tools, machines and equipment through a computer interface. This is essential today as more and more machines have a digital interface to increase efficiency and precision.

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Frequently Asked Question

A good telephone operator should have excellent knowledge regarding the operation of a telephone switchboard and should be well versed in techniques in placing, receiving and transferring calls. In addition, he/she should have good knowledge about the products & services offered by the company since they are normally the first contact of the organisation for an external person. Exceptional communication & interpersonal skills are a must.

The salary of an operator largely depends on the kind of machine and its complexity. Basic machine operators may earn between Rs.10,000 -15,000/month, while heavy machine operators could earn between Rs.30,000 – 40,000 /month. Engineers and technicians operating high-end machines may earn about Rs.50,000/month and upwards depending on their experience and expertise.

The primary scope of an operator is to ensure end-to-end machine-specific operations including loading and running of their machines at the best of their capacity, supervise its maintenance and ensure the quality level of the equipment.

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