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Are you looking to start your career in sales? Here is some good news for you. Despite the ongoing pandemic, there is a massive demand for frontline sales jobs across India. Leading this demand is retail/counter sales jobs. A surge in job postings about sales jobs has been observed on popular job portals such as www.qjobsindia.com, mainly by the retail segment. Retail & counter sales jobs have emerged as a prominent career option for those entering the job market after their education.

Retail sales and the jobs it offers

Anything that we buy – groceries, devices, apparel, wearables, durables, stationary etc. - is retail sales. For every product that we purchase, there is a full retail chain involving professionals responsible for the sale. The expertise and experience of these professionals depend on the nature of the product – perishable or non-perishable items, convenience or speciality products. While there can be several categories of retail products, they can be broadly classified under online or an outlet sale when it comes to sales.

Some of the most common roles in retail sales include field sales officers, customer care representatives, visual merchandiser, buyer, inventory specialist, cashier, store managers and warehouse managers. Interestingly, a retail sales job is an excellent opportunity for fresh graduates and postgraduates. While large companies prefer to onboard fresh MBA’s for retail sales, many others look for fresh graduates who have a hunger to perform sales and make a career in retail sales. The retail sales job might involve long working hours or work in shifts, but the handsome performance incentives one earns along with the salary make it an attractive career choice for many youngsters. Moreover, front-end retail sales roles often improve your negotiation skills and train you to deal with all kinds of people – things that stay with you lifelong.

Counter Sales in retail

Counter Sales personnel are the first to interact with the customer in a retail environment physically. And as they say - the first impression has a lasting impression, directly impacting the customer’s shopping experience. This role is significant, particularly in apparel stores, supermarkets and restaurants. As a counter sales personnel, your primary job is to create that first positive connection with the customer and ensure they have an endearing shopping experience. It involved good communication skills combined with an enterprising appearance, good conflict resolution skills, and relentlessly focused on sales conversions and customer satisfaction. Educationally, organisations prefer graduates but are open to diploma holders if they fit the profile well. The hired candidates typically undergo training on soft skills and personal grooming.

Frequently Asked Question

The salaries for most retail sales jobs depend on factors such as location, product, personal targets and team targets, among others. Considering these, some of the roles get paid the highest at the entry-level include merchandiser, buyer/planner, sales associate and retail advisor. According to recent trends in India, sales professionals in the BFSI, education and technology industry earn the highest.

Jobs in manufacturing, production, finance, research & development, and quality do not come under retail-sales jobs.

While most retail sales jobs require a full-time commitment, several organisations are increasingly now open to the idea of part-time retail jobs depending on the role. Many retail organisations also love to hire people with speech and hearing disorders for non-customer facing roles.

A retail sales personnel's responsibilities include understanding the customer's needs, suggesting products & services that suit their needs, educating the customer about features of these offerings, giving them options, guiding them to make a decision, and finally helping them through the billing and payments process. Last and not least, the salesman also encourages the customer for revisits.

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