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Security guard

The job of a security guard is one of the fastest growing jobs in today’s times. Their duties include patrolling the premises, monitoring surveillance equipment and inspecting buildings and equipment. Security professionals guard access points and take decisions to permit or prohibit entry.

Career wise, you are most likely to start as standing security guards – the most commonly seen security role deputed in offices, shopping malls and hotels. However, you could soon be supervising teams under you, or eventually become personal security staff of important people depending on your demonstrated capabilities and skills.

While it is widely believed that anyone who is physically fit can be a security professional, however there are certain specific skill-sets needed for security guard jobs. Top of the list is excellent interpersonal and communication skills, followed by quick reflexes and good on-the-spot thinking. A tech-savvy mind is an asset with increasing use of technology in the security industry. In terms of qualifications, high-school completion is sufficient, but certain large organisations require you to obtain security guard training from a certified centre before getting you on-board.

Frequently Asked Question

Security guards work in shifts through day and nights and must be ready to defend all the time. They can work part-time, full-time, and often on weekends and holidays. Their work can be indoors and outdoors, and might also involve serving in adverse climate conditions.

The most efficient among security professionals are hired by the affluent & important people for their personal protection. They are considered the best in the industry and are also some of the most highly paid security professionals.

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