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Data Entry Jobs for Freshers

Are you looking to start your career? For professionals of all levels, data entry jobs and back-office staff roles have high demand across tier 1 & tier 2 cities. What would a career in data entry entail? Of course, good pay is a good start, but remuneration is one of many benefits.

Why Choose Data-Entry?
Remote or Part-Time Options
Working a data entry job gives candidates exposure to various projects. With project-based deadlines instead of fixed work timings, back-office jobs allow flexible schedules and a chance to choose projects based on your skill level. Most data-entry opportunities are remote jobs seeking candidates with a good sense of time, brief adherence, and attention to detail.
Time management
You will be tasked with time-critical reporting and documentation to develop and produce business collateral to guide the sales and marketing functions.
Reporting & critical thinking
A key area of Business Development Manager job and Business Development Executive skills include problem-solving, critical thinking and timely reporting, fostering practical business growth opportunities.
Way Forward In Your Career

This line of work is rewarding if you are in the early stages of your professional career. Freshers can pick up a host of skills like organization, independence, multitasking, observation, complete with an introduction to diverse industries.

The demand for data entry professionals will continue to be high across diverse industries, ranging from small, medium, and large businesses. More and more companies are working with data like fiscal reports, client records, market analysis, and more. This data helps companies to make informed decisions. You can become a qualified data management expert, heading operations at your future company with more expertise.

What are the Roles and Opportunities?

Here are some popular types of back-office data entry jobs.

Data Entry Clerk
A Data Entry Clerk is responsible for scanning or entering figures into a software system from other sources like hard-copy documents, Excel sheets, PDF documents, etc.
Word Processor/Typist
Typists or Data Processing professionals are responsible for entering documents, reports, and correspondence information.
A Transcriptionist is responsible for listening to and typing out information from recordings and combining this information into a document or report.
Data Operator
A data operator usually heads a team of data entry professionals to ensure that the tasks are completed, validated, and ready for use.
How Can You Get Started?

You can find many jobs for freshers on QJobs India, and you should always pick what’s best for you. But if you’re interested in making an income by carrying out simple tasks that reward you in numerous other ways - data entry jobs are a top choice!

Frequently Asked Question

You are eligible if you have good typing skills and excellent attention to detail, sought after by employers. Thorough knowledge of various applications like MS Office, Tally, etc., is a good add-on.

Yes, you can. With data entry jobs, you get paid for what you do. It’s just about getting started, at any level of experience and qualification. For freshers, back-office jobs are a stepping stone to discovering and understanding your career path for the future.

Both remote and on-site data entry jobs are available on QJobs India. Work-from-home is common in this field. A suitable device and an active internet connection are all that you need!

The pay depends on multiple factors like expertise and work requirements. It can range from 10,000 per month to 25,000+ per month. You can also choose to get paid on an hourly basis.

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