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Delivery Executive Jobs

With the advent of new consumer services, delivery executives are in high demand across numerous leading companies.

If you are strict with timelines and are looking for a competitive package, the delivery executive jobs will suit you. Besides the bonuses, a career as a delivery executive has good growth potential, depending on your performance.

You will serve as the logistics force of your company, and customer satisfaction will be a key metric for any delivery association. But, what other skills do you need to succeed?

Skills & Responsibility Of Delivery Executives

Some key strengths of a delivery executive are:

Responsive to strict timelines
You have to always be on time!
Motor skills
Knowing how to man a vehicle safely is a must, so you can take over and fulfil orders effectively.
Positive attitude
You must be polite and proactive in work and be able to handle tense situations calmly.
Customer engagement
Your duty is to the customer first.
Continuous learning
You must be willing to take on challenges and learn new aspects of the jobs, applying your skills wherever necessary.
People skills & coordination
You have to know how to guide the delivery associates in every situation, and excellent coordination with logistics ops are a big win.

Your duty as a delivery executive is to keep the goods moving and to ensure that each delivery brings a smile to the end consumer.

Qualifications for Delivery Executives

The qualifications for a delivery executive are mostly based on your people skills, coordination and ability to guide operations in various situations.

However, any added qualification is a bonus.

Qualifications: Preferably Class X, Diploma / Degree (Any, Arts, Engineering, Commerce, Science) or equivalent: Certification in delivery management, courier delivery executive, etc., are a bonus.

The growth of the delivery jobs is promising, with various roles ranging from executive and management to operations, logistics and support services at top branded logistics companies.

Salary Range For Delivery Executives

As a Delivery Executive, you can earn anywhere from 10,000 to 30,000 per month.

If you’re looking for a competitive package with leading companies as a delivery executive, you can apply on Qjobs India with numerous vacancies on the market.

Frequently Asked Question

Ranging from a Delivery boy and Operations Executive to Fleet Managers and Division managers, the career growth as a delivery executive is promising.

If you have a driving license and a strong commitment to service, you can apply right now on Qjobs India for Delivery Executive vacancies. A proven record of handling packages safely is a bonus.

Working for some of the pioneers in delivery services, you can get placed as Delivery Executive or Associate with branded unicorns of India. Just apply for the job and wait for a response.

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