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In growing competitiveness in the business environment, marketing professionals play a significant role in boosting the company’s sales and creating a positive image in the marketplace.

Marketing jobs will never face recession due to increased competition and as the organizations aim to elevate profits.

Role of marketing executives

A marketing executive is responsible for performing several critical functions. Marketing executives look after organizing campaigns in every stage of the product life cycle. They analyze the information of different market segments and define audiences for the organizational offerings.

Marketing executives also maintain relations with the customers to build loyalty and track sales data to generate performance reports. Marketing executives also participate in innovative and creative ideas to market the products and services.

Qualification for performing marketing jobs

To become a marketing professional, you may have a bachelor's degree in marketing or advertising specialization.

A diploma or any other course equivalent to undergraduate degrees is also a pathway to becoming a marketer. Doctorate-level degrees and Master's degrees help you grab a higher position in the marketing field.

Many institutions are offering certification programs in social media, digital marketing, data analytics to provide you the opportunity to gain competency in the marketing area and make a career in the field.

Apart from these degree courses, skills such as interpersonal skills, creative problem-solving, convincing and negotiation competencies, high level of communication skill, data analytics, and other soft skills are also looked at by the employer to hire marketers.

Key takeaways

It is impossible to eliminate marketing activities from the crucial company's functions. Many platforms help you provide numerous suggestions on marketing vacancies. The hard part in searching for marketing jobs is to evaluate the authenticity of employers and available vacancies.

Searching for the right platform is essential to value your precious time. Qjobs is a successful platform that provides reliable and valid marketing job suggestions.

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Frequently Asked Question

The salaries offered by these companies differ from one another. The average salary of a marketing executive is INR 15,000-20,000 per month.

Companies hire marketing executives as full-time employees. They typically work between 8 to 11 hours a day and work at least 40 hours per week.

The level of responsibilities and work schedule of a marketing executive depends upon the plan and strategies developed by the organization heads.

The field of marketing will provide you with tremendous job opportunities to grow your career and attain a higher level of success. It offers 3-tier job opportunities.

Entry-level roles include marketing assistant, marketing executive, PR manager, marketing coordinator, and intern.

In the middle level of your professional journey, you will be offered to perform the role of specialist, senior executive, media planner, strategist, and marketing manager. At the top level, you can become head of the marketing department, chief marketing officer, and director.

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