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Housekeeping jobs are emerging as one of the most versatile and convenient options for young jobseekers. Several factors are driving the requirement of housekeepers.

With the phenomenal rise in nuclear families with both partners as working professionals, housekeepers are not just maintaining house hygiene, but also enabling smooth functioning of households. Apart from regular housekeeping work such as sweeping, mopping, detailed cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, bathroom & bedroom cleaning, employers today are willing to trust their housekeepers with purchasing ingredients for kitchen, disposing scrap and even supervising plumbing and electrical works.

In professional organisations, the traditional jobs such as that of a peon, kitchen staff or a cleaner has now given way to ‘housekeeping associates’ with their responsibilities expanded to include minor office jobs such as operating photocopy machines, managing kitchen/pantry, purchase of toiletries, cutlery, dispatch etc.

Interestingly, salaries paid to housekeeping professionals have also evolved with time and additional responsibilities. In fact, owners are willing to pay a premium to keep housekeeping professionals whom they trust.

Skills required for housekeeping posts

One of the most important skills looked-for by potential employers of housekeepers is good communication skills. The expectations of the employers needs to be thoroughly understood and challenges faced should be clearly communicated back to ensure a hassle-free working relationship. Another essential skill required is good interpersonal skills, especially if you are working as a team of housekeepers. Ability to effectively manage time is a great asset that will help you to be a successful housekeeper. This is particularly useful if your employer requests your services for a particular time every day, or hires you on an hourly basis. And last, but not the least, your ability to operate machines used in household chores such as vacuum cleaners etc. will be critical to complete your tasks efficiently.

So, if you are a young job-seeker good at communicating with people and time-management, here is a perfect job opportunity to start with. Visit Qjobs, and start applying for advertised housekeeper jobs now!

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