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Are you facing difficulties in finding financial accountant jobs? Are you seeking information to kick-start a career in finance? You might be looking for the right platform for getting finance-based employment opportunities. Let us make your job-hunting in the finance sector easier.


Businesses cannot move a single step ahead without money. Managing money is vital to making crucial decisions in the organization. Finance refers to managing money that includes saving, borrowing, accounting, investing, budgeting, etc.

Financial management is significant in managing the inward and outward flow of funds. Every business entity develops a separate department for managing business funds. Jobs in finance can never face recession till the businesses operate within markets.

Freshers and professionals are looking for the right employment opportunity in the finance field. Before heading further, it is critical to know the jobs, eligibility, scope present in the chosen field.

Briefing finance jobs

Financial professional possesses higher responsibilities to manage the financial matters of the company.

The jobs in the finance department are oriented toward recording and maintaining finance-related information, managing assets and capital, accounts, investment decisions, legal compliance and risk management, etc.

Accounting and finance are two similar terms. Finance is a broader term as compared to accounts. In this, the main focus is to manage the liabilities and assets of the company for future growth.

On the other side, accountant jobs focus on day-to-day money transactions that occur within and outside the company or in any other institution.

A professional aspirant seeking a finance job always needs to start as an accountant. It provides deep insights into recording, organizing, and managing information. It builds the foundation to participate in the future decision-making process in companies.

Overview of accounting jobs

Accounting, in simpler terms, is the method of organizing and managing financial information.

An accountant is responsible for recording purchase and expense-related information and prepares books of accounts for the record. They are also responsible for evaluating the company's finances, helping the company make various decisions such as budgeting, investing, and sharing benefits.

To be an accountant, you need to ensure that you record factual information and remain up to date with all the monetary transactions performed by the client company.

Every firm payout to accountants differs from one another. The average salary of an accountant is 20000-25000, per month. It will grow based on performances and experiences. You can also earn during training as an accountant assistant. The average stipend to become a trainee is 10000-12000 to get real experiences.

Need of accountant

There is always a need for an accountant in every business entity. These entities will never know where their funds are going and would not formulate calculative strategies without accountants.

Every decision of the firm depends on capital strength. These decisions may be about purchasing, paying salaries, expansion, setting product prices, etc.

The duties performed by the accountant enable the businesses to manage the funds and follow all the stated financial principles to avoid any ambiguities.

The role of an accountant is critical in businesses as he performs various duties. The typical responsibilities of accountants include:

  • Preparing financial statements
  • Performing financial audits and evaluation
  • Advising to minimize firms' cost
  • Filing tax returns
  • Presenting budget reports
  • Ensuring legal compliance
  • Analyzing financial risks
  • Recommending for investment profits
Basic eligibility criteria to become an accountant

To make your career in accounting, you need to pursue graduation in the field of commerce. You may have an undergraduate degree in accounting.

You can also attend diploma courses that are similar to undergraduate courses. One can also pursue master and doctorate level degree courses to be an accountant.

If you get qualified from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), you become eligible to perform critical finance roles in public and private businesses or institutions.

Key takeaways

You may be in search of the right platform where you get multiple opportunities to become a financial executive, accountant, or any other financial professional.

Qjobs is a platform that helps you customize your search to get jobs in finance. The platform helps you to get finance job opportunities that exist near you. It also suggests multiple job opportunities for freshers to give an excellent start to their career.

The platform is unique as it enlists verified employers and mentions the job openings on a real-time basis to save the crucial time of applicants.

There may be several questions striking your mind to start your career journey in finance. Therefore, trying to answer your most frequently asked questions:

Frequently Asked Question

Every industry requires a financial executive. If you are looking for the top industries, you can become a financial executive in the insurance, banking, and consumer finance industries. These industries will provide you with vital exposure to learn and develop competence.

Jobs profiles in accounting and finance vary from entry to executive levels. The highest possible positions you can reach are senior analysts, chief investment officer (CIO), chief financial officer (CFO), or become a director of the firm.

A career in accounting is very diverse. The accountant profile will provide different job opportunities. These opportunities include working in different industry types to improve knowledge and understanding levels.

You can choose among different categories of accountants and become others based on experiences and developed knowledge level. Each accountant type requires different skills and competence levels.

The different types of accountants are investment accountant, staff accountant, project accountant, cost accountant, forensic accountant, management accountant, financial advisor, auditor, and financial consultant.

There are plenty of courses that help you get eligibility to do finance jobs. Among the top choices, B.Com and M.Com in finance and accounting are entrusted by almost all firms. You can also do CA (Chartered accountant), considered the epitome of the accountancy field.

Other similar professional courses are CPA (US certified Public accounting) and ACCA (Association of chartered certified accountants) offers you a professional degree. Apart from these courses, you can attend diploma courses and CMA (Cost management accounting) to become a professional in finance and accounts.

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