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Jobs in Mumbai

Mumbai is well known as a 'City of Dreams', and of course, there is a reason behind it! This city offers an endless number of opportunities that are incomparable to any city in India. To grab an opportunity and fulfil the dream, Dhruv – a 21-year-old young adult from Udaipur - recently shifted to her elder sister's place in Mumbai to settle. She, as his mentor, advised him to get the job with the right planning and preparation strategy like searching for new and emerging sectors, updating oneself with the latest knowledge, facing mock interviews to gain confidence, etc. She also gave her some background about the job market in Mumbai.

Job Market in Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial capital of India. Jobs in the banking, financial, and insurance sectors attract skilled and qualified personnel. Education institutions are also offering certified graduation courses for banking and insurance.

Being dominated by Marwari and Gujarati businessmen, Mumbai has a robust stock market. Many broking firms in Mumbai hire the right people for their business.

Mumbai is home to Bollywood, and many new entrants get opportunities here. Hence, artists, actors, writers and singers often come to Mumbai to try their luck.

A huge number of foreign multinationals started their BPO processes attracting local English-speaking workforce. Many Indian big business houses started recruiting young, educated personnel to train local staff.

The food and delivery sector caters to a large population as there is an increasing demand for online shopping and food delivery nowadays. Besides, since Mumbai works 24x7, local people find this opportunity rewarding.

Finding Jobs in Mumbai

To find a competitive job, one can register on online portals. The registration happens free of cost. The websites provide information about a job vacancy in Mumbai. Some websites also guide you in preparing a good resume. They also provide information like expected salary, what constitutes CTC, etc. Company websites are also a good source of information as one can get details of the company and the work culture.

Finding jobs and gathering details about them help you prepare for the actual interview.

Dhruv must also register with an online portal for finding jobs in Mumbai.

Top Companies for Jobs in Mumbai

In prominent sectors, the top companies hiring in Mumbai are

  • Technology sector companies like TCS, Accenture and L&T Infotech.
  • Banks – HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI, Bank of Baroda, etc.
  • Financial intermediaries like JP Morgan, JM Finance, Bajaj Finance and broking firms.
  • Insurance companies like LIC and other private and public sector insurers.
  • Professional firms like Amarchand Mangaldas, Ernst & Young and PWC.
  • Entertainment sector companies like media and film production companies.
Top Job Roles in Demand in Mumbai

Mumbai essentially caters to the service industry. The top job roles in Mumbai are

  • Computer programmers using technology like AI and machine
  • Software, app or games developer using modern technology
  • Data scientists and analysts
  • Investment bankers, consultants, financial advisors
  • Lawyers and Chartered Accountants
  • Digital marketers, animation and graphic designers
  • Teachers, professors, academicians and researchers
  • Stock market/broking firm jobs
  • Roles in the entertainment sector like cameraman, make-up artist, costume designer, choreographer, etc.
  • Support roles in human resource, accounting, administration, driving domestic services, etc.

Mumbai is a big city and is home to a huge population. Hence, many types of jobs are available based on your education and interest.

How Qjobs Helps You Find Jobs in Mumbai

After getting a brief on jobs available in Mumbai, one should benefit from the Qjobs app by applying for required job vacancies. Qjobs is a platform for blue-collar job hunters to seek a job near them with their interests and skillsets. It aims to solve issues of job matching between employers and job seekers by featuring digitally advanced matching capabilities in the app.

If you are hunting for a job in Mumbai, the Qjobs app will help you uplift your skill sets and gain a professional network in your work area, leading to successful career development in the future.

Frequently Asked Question

You can search and apply for jobs in Mumbai using online portals like Qjobs. It gives you updated information about the job openings in Mumbai.

Since Mumbai is the country's financial capital, most of the jobs available are in the service sector. While technology companies hire programmers, software and app developers, data analysts, etc., financial firms have positions in the product marketing segment, customer service, etc. All these companies require administrative staff. Hence, there are many back-office jobs in Mumbai.

Many online job portals provide information about the latest job openings in Mumbai. You can register on them online without any cost. You can post your personal and educational details on the portal to suggest the jobs which match your profile.

You can apply for the jobs directly, or the job portal can help you find the right job.

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