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What is a 12th Pass Job?

Are you actively looking for a job but unsure because you have only completed your 12th class? Or do you want to be financially independent after school and get exposure to living in the business world? Yes, you can move further, as there are many jobs for the 12th pass candidates in the market right now.

Secondary school education equips you with basic knowledge. You are resourceful in languages and other subjects, which can help you find your way to a job. Your qualification can also give you a basic understanding of how business works.

12th pass candidates are young students. They are fast learners and have an appetite for learning, which is always positive. However, you need to know where your interest lies, what you want to do, your strengths and weaknesses and what options are available in the market.

Here are some essential qualities that employers look for in 12th pass candidates. Positive attitude at work: Staying calm helps you carry out your responsibilities better. Resilience teaches you to adapt to changing environments and accept challenges.

Communication: Besides writing, speaking and listening are essential skills to survive and progress. They help you understand things at work and then communicate those things to your peers or subordinates more coherently.

Teamwork: Success in most jobs across industries depends on a team's ability to work together.

Self-management: Good planning is paramount. It streamlines work, saves time and reduces stress.

The self-managing approach can help you pick up hard skills like computer proficiency.

Online Top Jobs

Today's modernization of the industry requires digital resources for sales and customer experience and reliable workforce to manage these functions. With some training, 12th pass candidates can perform well in these roles. In most online jobs, employers prefer candidates keen on business support tasks. Of course, online job postings also fill candidates from other categories. However, candidates with aptitude in sales and customer support are in high demand. Some back-end operations prefer remote/online positions in data entry, customer support and online sales assistants.

Top Job Vacancy for 12th Pass Student

Vacancies for 12th pass candidates are mainly called for recruitments in business support and production services. Job portals often publish entry-level jobs in service industries that the 12th pass can fulfil. Job lists can be further sorted for relevance, location, industry, sector, experience level and salary range. The most in-demand technology-based jobs are published regularly. Candidates with allied experience have a high chance of landing reputed jobs.

Top High Paying Jobs in India for 12th Pass Candidates

Content Jobs: If you know your way around written words, content creation for e-commerce and educational websites could be your destined domain.

Art and Design: Your skills in visual arts can lead you to graphics designing jobs valued through marketing communications.

Data Entry Jobs: Those who are good at typing and number crunching are likely to get back office jobs. The roles include functions in data entry, account assistance, and record-keeping can rank high in their domain. Most commerce stream students opt for this field.

BPO and Help Desk: Business process outsourcing (BPO) has created many jobs in India over the past decade. From giving a taste of the industry to helping candidates polish their communication skills, BPO jobs advance your career path rapidly. This category of jobs pays reasonable salaries.

Plan your long-term career

You can plan your long-term career if you dream of a sustaining job in a reputed domain, such as the education sector. When you're in the early stages of your job, you often study to build up your educational qualifications, such as completing a part-time degree or getting a certificate. You can enrol as a trainee/assistant teaching in pre-school and, over time, complete professional courses to become a full-time teacher. For example, it is a good option if you want to pursue a career in the education sector in a respectable profession and teaching is considered a well-paid job.

Salary Range For 12th Pass Jobs

Freshers can earn a salary above Rs 8,000 a month.
After on-the-job training, you get absorbed in a regular role with an increased salary.
Private schools often pay more than Rs 10,000 a month to teaching associates.
A writer and graphics designer can earn even more than Rs 15,000 per month.
Some experienced candidates in BPO make more than Rs 20,000 per month.

How does Qjobs Help You Find Jobs for 12th Pass Students?

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Frequently Asked Question

If you are a fresher just out of school and looking for a job, searching on a reputable job portal is the best way to find the right job. Not all job sites offer opportunities for the 12th, although some websites, such as Qjobs, take special care of employability in all cadres. You must select a city and a category to sort job listings that match your search. Navigate to desired job record and proceed with applying.

BPO, call centre, accounting, admin, stenographer, back office, data entry
Procurement, inventory/store, transport
Sales - field/retail/counter
Hospital, school/tuition
Artist, content writing, photography, cosmetology, and similar.

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