Things To Know About Career Opportunities As A Delivery Boy/Executive

India is one of the leading countries in the online retail market, with the addition of roughly 10 million daily active internet users every month. E-commerce has successfully gripped the customer market due to its convenience to them. With just a finger tap in their smartphones, consumers can order everything from medicines, food, clothes, groceries, personal care goods, to even household appliances. As digitalization has become the keyword, many career opportunities are opening as a delivery executive.

The Importance Of A Delivery Executive 

The last two years under the pandemic have shown that the delivery executive represents the company but has also become the essential thread that connects the brands to the consumers. Moreover, with most offline businesses also expanding into home delivery and online services, the need for delivery executives has risen.

What You Need To Be An Executive

The consumers rate the services of the delivery company based on their experience with the delivery executive. Therefore, basic communication skills, politeness, and decent educational background are essential to becoming a delivery executive. Additionally, a valid driving license, understanding of routes and navigation systems, ability to follow road safety practices, and a safe driving record are equally essential.

What Are Your Perks? 

This indispensable role is in demand not just in the metro cities but also in tier II to IV cities, allowing delivery executives to work without leaving their hometowns. The salary can vary from anywhere between Rs.12000 to Rs. 45000 per month based on the company and seniority of experience. Some food delivery brands even offer an hourly payment for those candidates who prefer to work as part-time delivery executives. 

With the increased importance of staff in this role, companies are trying their best to retain them through additional perks. These perks vary across industries and might include incentives, short-term loans, subsidized medical tests, medical insurance, training programs to enhance the skills, etc.

Who Is A Delivery Manager? 

Apart from the perks, another significant aspect of working as a delivery executive is that the role, when done with excellence, can help grow further professionally into a delivery manager. A delivery manager leads a team of executives and ensures that all deliveries are completed smoothly and successfully.

Duties Of A Delivery Manager

A delivery manager has to facilitate the timely delivery process through the team members and work on making it more efficient. Towards this, a delivery manager needs to keep track of the feedback received from customers so that adequate corrections and improvements can be brought to enhance their service experience. 

The proper allocation of the deliveries to the team members is also part of the role. In case of any obstacles or problems, it is the responsibility of the delivery manager to assess the situation and implement quick solutions.

The career as a delivery executive is filled with perks, benefits, and scope for further professional growth. It is the beginning of a new, exciting journey of exploring city routes and meeting and servicing people.

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