5 Most In-Demand Logistics Jobs in India

The business world provides diverse avenues of employment, each with its perks and disadvantages. But in recent years, an area of business that has provided lots of career growth opportunities is logistics. People who work in logistics usually oversee the different operations involved in keeping the supply chain running from production to final delivery to the customer.

Other departments like purchasing, inventory, production, packaging, and shipping require logistics personnel. Logistics professionals are versatile workers who are integral to the business workflow, and in return, they are also paid handsomely for their services.

So if you are already part of the business workforce or studying for a career in the business world, then logistics must be a field that you consider seriously.

Let us take a look at five in-demand logistics jobs you need to know about:

Logistics Analyst

Business analytics is changing the way decisions are made in the commercial sector. The same is true for logistics as well. A logistics analyst will study an organisation’s operations to identify changes they can implement in their workflow and supply chain to make the process more efficient and error-free. Logistics analysts can optimise inventory management, help to choose the quickest delivery routes and reduce unnecessary expenses on wasted products/raw materials.

Logistics Engineer

A logistics engineer manages and designs an organisation’s entire supply chain. The logistics engineer studies all possible operational needs and outcomes and creates the perfect workflow to meet market demand. But the task of the logistics engineer is never complete. When the business expands, the logistics manager has to redesign the supply chain. If the business tries to enter new product categories or if it tries to enter a new market segment, then also the logistics manager has to plan and redesign the whole logistical workflow. Logistics engineer often works in high-stress situations, and they need to be able to make quick decisions as responsibility for the entire supply chain rests on their shoulders.

Purchasing Lead

The purchasing lead is the professional who manages the process of acquiring raw materials and services for the company. The purchasing lead is at the top of the supply chain funnel; if the purchasing team does not work well, the whole supply chain goes out of whack. A purchasing lead maintains relationships with vendors, places orders as and when necessary, receives and distributes the received materials to the correct production departments and then ensures timely payment to the suppliers for their materials.

Inventory Control Specialist

The task of the inventory control specialist is essential in logistics. This professional determines when and how much raw material needs to be purchased to ensure maximum utilisation capacity. The inventory control specialist has to consider seasonal demands, changing customer tastes, the shelf-life of different raw materials and finished products, the space required to store the products and the cost of acquiring the products. It is the task of the inventory control specialist to reduce wastage and keep an adequate supply always to meet customer demands.

Transportation Manager

The transportation manager looks after a business’s whole shipping and delivery system. The task of the transportation manager is to maintain a fleet of vehicles and a team of drivers. This professional chooses the delivery vehicles’ routes and may even need to coordinate with warehouse managers in different parts of the country. Businesses that ship overseas may need the transportation manager to work with freight traffic operators and create reasonable contracts. Ensuring product safety and personnel safety during shipping and delivery is also part of the transportation manager’s duty. They implement safety standards for all company drivers and vehicles.

Professionals can apply for many other lucrative logistics jobs in medium and large-scale business firms. The average salary of a logistics professional in India is INR 22,000 per month. Managers and team leaders earn more, and the pay scale increases as the professional gains more experience.

Earlier logistics professionals progressed in their careers by gaining practical experience at different companies. But this slow growth is no longer acceptable in today’s hyper-competitive market. So ambitious young professionals are taking online logistics courses to quickly brush up their skills and move up the corporate ladder. A few months of studying will get you some valuable certifications to begin your logistics career with a high jump.

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