How Can A Job in Pune Help You Grow in 2022?

With the tumultuous two years 2020-2021 behind us, what we all seem to be looking forward to is hope of fresh beginnings and of growth. Employers are aiming for business recovery while taking measures to work around the limitations caused due to the on-going volatility of the pandemic through adaptive working patterns. Towards this recovery, an important step is consolidating the workforce through new or expansive hiring. 

Flourishing Pune Job Market in 2022-23

Various industries have their presence in Pune leading to constant need of candidates for filling up multiple job-profiles to collectively enhance the living experience of the local population. It is projected that there will be a 50% increase in hiring in West India this year.

IT, Technology, E-commerce led the way in supporting the economy as well as in aiding the needs of people during the pandemic. Specifically the E-commerce platforms are aiming to expand their shopper pool further; hence Pune will see an increased hiring trend of roles related to these. Pune being one of the leading technology hubs has additionally opened ways for new start-ups to emerge, supporting these technology driven companies in both technical as well as non-technical aspects. Start-ups have primarily emerged in healthcare, education, food, online retail, technology driven segments in the city.

Whether it is Education, IT, Banking, Art, Supply-chain management, Hospitality, Health-care or Insurance, Pune has job opportunities open to myriad segments in 2022-23. 

Listing of Roles in High Demand in Pune

There is a high demand in Pune for personnel in various sectors, including freshers with no prior work experience. Data entry, customer care, field as well as counter sales, transport and delivery executives, warehouse roles, automobile technicians, civil and mechanical engineers are some of the blue and grey collar roles that are in demand in the city.  Apart from these, there are also opportunities for teachers, counsellors, hospitality staff including cooks, nursing and pharmacy staff, graphic designers and marketing professionals.

An uptrend of digital business models being implemented across the industries has caused the IT sector to aim at adding employees. Digital skills are the most sought after with the emergence of the digital economy, which has led to a surge in demand for IT Engineers and Developers in Pune.

Benefits of Working in Pune

Increased growth prospects

In addition to the already existing vast multinational companies in Pune, more and more major IT companies and other MNCs are exploring the commercial retail space in the city to set up or expand their spaces. Mid last year saw a 12% hike in IT sector hiring in Pune. The expansion of spaces and entry of more MNCs will open growth prospects for the current workforce and for the new ones to come in.

Multiple work-role choices

More opportunities and job-profiles are opening up with the expansion of industry presence in addition to the already present companies and start-ups allowing the candidates to jump to better desired roles and higher salary packages from current ones. As more and more start-ups in various fields are vying with one another, each working on enhancing its work model and employee base for better output, this has led to creation of multiple choices in work-roles as preferred by different applicants.

Adaptive working models

The pandemic has made businesses work around the limitations, challenges and restrictions, and thus many have brought in or are gradually adapting to differing working models as per needs if required. These include full-time employment, contract employment, flexible working hours, hybrid work pattern or even complete remote work-from-home patterns. Applicants can apply as per their preferred choices based on their individual personal circumstances.

Cosmopolitan environment

Pune is an amalgamation of the influx of people from various cultural backgrounds and from varied cities across India and also overseas. This provides opportunities to the employees to work in teams from different backgrounds, and learn to unite in the differences, further enhancing their understanding of people, cultures and unfamiliar working methods. Such employees grow in their ability to cope with evolving business processes and systems, thereby opening doors for further growth in work opportunities.

Key Areas in Pune where jobs are listed

Areas mainly including Magarpatta, Hinjewadi, Kothrud, Yerwada, Vimannagar, Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park, Wakad, Kharadi have many jobs listed in Pune. There are a number of IT parks spread across the city. Several companies are also spread in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pimple Saudagar, Aundh, Baner and Shivaji Nagar.

Some of the top IT parks in Pune include:

  • Cybercity Magarpatta
  • World Trade Centre
  • ICC Towers
  • Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park – Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3
  • Quadrant Business Park
  • Weikfield
  • Nanospace IT Park
  • Cerebrum IT Park

What Job Offers do Qjobs have in Pune?

Qjobs is India’s largest staffing team. It has verified jobs listed across different fields that can be identified, matched and contacted through its website or app.

In Pune it has job offers in the BPO sector, IT, Digital marketing, business development,  Retail sales, Civil and mechanical engineering, delivery and transport, and cooks in the hospitality industry among others. Sales executives are required for tele-sales, field sales, counter sales as well as in the banking sector for credit card sales. 

A lot of openings have emerged in the food delivery segment and also for bike drivers. IT Engineers, backend developers and software developers also have several offers available to explore through Qjobs. There are also jobs listed in the marketing sector.

Qjobs has a solution for the needs of every type of job applicant from differing work backgrounds, and Pune offers the ideal place for applicants to grow further in their professional journey.

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