40 Best Job Keywords for Your Next Job Posting

Keywords are not just crucial for your content to rank but also play a significant role in job hiring. The right keyword can help you attract and hire talent matching your job requirements. We have shifted to the online world, and job seekers use the internet or employment platforms to land relevant jobs. Almost millions of job searches are done every month. In that case, you must first understand what the job seekers are searching and looking for.

We at Qjobs have done thorough research to find out what job seekers across the nation are searching for. So, look at the best job keywords below and pick the ones according to your requirement.

Best Job Keywords for Your Next Job Posting

Having the right keyword can help your listing perform better. So, pick the right keyword for your next job title and description. Here, have a look:

Customer Relationship Executive

Field Sales Executive

Telecaller Outbound

Software Developer


Data Entry Operator

Business Development Executive

Relationship Manager

Back Office Executive



HR Executive

Counter Sales Executive

Business Analyst

Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Executive

Computer Engineer

Accounts Manager

Finance Executive



Sales Representative


Night Shifts

Work From Home

Call Center

Full Time

Data Operator

Data Analyst





Office Clerk

Delivery Boy



Warehouse Manager



How to Use Keywords in Your Job Posting?

Knowing just the right keywords is not enough; you also need to understand how to use these keywords without overstuffing your job ads. You must write compelling job ads with a unique description and the correct title and use the relevant keyword accordingly. For example, if your job posting is about part-time jobs, you need to mention the word part-time in both your title and description.

Why Are Keywords Crucial for Your Job Posting?

The answer is simple- to attract the right people to the relevant job ads. When job seekers are looking for a particular job, they will search for a specific word and only if your job ads have the right keywords will they appear in their search list, and they can apply for the job from there.

You must also give special attention to the ads you create for your listing. You can be as creative as you want, but make sure you are adding the right information and using the correct sentences. A poorly framed job ad has a much higher chance of getting rejected by job-seeking candidates.

Types of Keywords Job Seekers Use

Most Likely, job-seeking candidates search for the skills they need to get hired. They also use location or the nature of the job to complete their job search. Here are some of the common types of keywords that job seekers use:

Field or Industry:

Job seekers give priority to the field to which they belong. For example, someone who has done engineering will begin the job hunt by searching for the word “Engineering Jobs”. Similarly, people who have done MBA will look for “Marketing Jobs”, “Business Analyst Jobs”, “Business Development Executives”, etc.


The second thing is location. It plays a significant role in job searches. So, you can put the location-specific filter in your job searches. Most job sites like QJobs have an option for searching for jobs by location.

Desired Job Title

Another thing is the job title. For example- if someone wants to become a software engineer, he will search for it. Similarly, if anyone wants to be a content writer, he will search for the best Content writer jobs, and if your job posting has this keyword, it can appear in their search results.

Job Type

What is the nature of the job type? Is it part-time, full-time, work-from-home, night shift, day shift or more? This has a significant role to play in job searches. So, if you have a job listing in any of these types, you can mention it in your job ads.

Company Names

The next type of keyword can be based on company names. People do look if a particular company is hiring or not. So you can give preference for the job search by company names too.

Industry-Specific Skills

Lastly, the skills-specific job hunt is also done by job seekers. People do search for jobs matching their skills. Like if anyone is good at programming, he will search for programming jobs. Hence, you can make job ads based on that too.

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