What are Blue Collar Jobs? 10 Jobs to Consider

Are you looking for the greatest high-paying, in-demand blue-collar jobs? To help you focus your job search for blue-collar positions, this list of the highest-paying blue-collar positions will help.

What is a Blue-Collar Job?

Blue-collar jobs are manual jobs requiring advanced, physically demanding skills such in manufacturing, agriculture, mining, maintenance, or construction sectors. Historically, the majority of these folks wore blue-collar shirts to work. Working outdoors with large machinery or animals is possible.

Workers can be skilled or unskilled. Skills can be learned on the job, but more commonly, they can be learned in vocational schools. Some examples are mechanics, welders, construction workers, and electricians. Some are more specialized, such as power plant operators, distribution companies, and nuclear power plant operators. The type of work they do determines how much they are paid. Some workers are paid based on the number of parts completed daily, typical of factory workers. Others are paid by the hour, like mechanics.

What is the Difference between a Blue-Collar and a White-Collar Job?

Suit and tie-wearing workers don’t have such physically taxing jobs but rather mental workloads. Such administrative or management employees are termed, white-collar employees. They are usually paid annually. The distinctions between the labels “white-collar” and “blue-collar” reveal much about how these occupations are viewed. This includes being educated, appearance, and social class-it’s about what people are led to believe. “No work is big or small”. Remember, supporting your family is more important than pleasing people.

Best Blue-Collar Jobs You Should Consider

The best blue-collar jobs are listed below.

1. Plumber

Plumbers are typically required to complete a high school, an apprenticeship, and a license. These enable us to use water conservatively since they install, assemble and repair pipes and faucets. This ranks number one in job security since the need for water and plumbing will surely last forever.

2. Construction Workers

Individually or in a team, construction workers build buildings, bridges, service roads, frameworks and various architectural projects in all kinds of weather. They specialise in digging, demolishing, and working with asphalt. They operate heavy machinery and assist other craftsmen.

3. Police Officer

Protecting and ensuring a peaceful and smooth-running non-violent community are the primary objectives of a police officer.  To work as a one, you must have a high school diploma or G.E.D, a clean history, and no legal restrictions on driving a car. Other responsibilities include assigning traffic violations, and arrest and violation reporting is an important part of this job.

4. General Contractor

A general contractor is the supervisor of a construction project. They manage, supervise, and execute duties to help proprietors transform interiors. They synchronise and accomplish events for new homes and other construction projects.

5. Production Manager

A production manager with a Bachelor’s degree of the same name helps direct, manage, and strategize the fabrication quota of a project. This comprises estimating expenditures, setting schedules, negotiating with customers and collaborating with colleagues and team members to safeguard well-timed and compliant completion of production schemes.

6. Electrician

Mounting, retaining, and restoring electrical systems in households, commercial, and viable establishments. This is a learned skill that can be learned in on-the-job training or a traineeship program in college. Electricians interpret circuit diagrams and inspect circuit breaks, relays and brackets to ensure hazard safety. It is a job of high responsibility. Hence it is greatly monetarily gratifying.

7. Train Conductor

Practical education and licence are crucial for this blue-collar job. Managing train operations comprises harmonizing with other team members like dispatchers and engineers, managing cargo, and scheduling. The job description also includes a thorough knowledge of train routes and working with engineers to ensure efficient and harmless train tasks.

8. Firefighter

If you are above 18, physically driven, and brave, this job is highly rewarding with gigantic job satisfaction standards. Firefighters douse forest, car and house fires to save the lives of humans, animals, and greens. Firefighters are prestigious rescue workers who help avoid undue destruction of fire-compromised buildings. To get this job, fire training is a prerequisite.

9. Mechanic

The range of equipment a mechanic can work with includes cars, trucks, manufacturing machinery, and a wide range of mechanical systems that help create the many goods and services consumers enjoy. The highly lucrative field of auto-mechanics requires training to work on a wide variety of vehicles or specialize in working with a limited variety of exceptional engines. This skill can be learned over time, including more than oil and tire work and servicing parts.

10. Carpenter

Carpenters are artists who build, install, and repair various residential, corporate, and mechanical structures and facilities. Carpenters typically work with wood, steel, as well as concrete. They are also often involved in demolishing and preserving these structures and facilities. If you like fine arts, this may be the perfect first preference.

These blue-collar jobs are much more intriguing to many, and some pay rather well. Choose a profession that you know you’ll enjoy, and that plays to your talents in the end.

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