How To Write About Yourself (With Tips And Examples)

A well-crafted communication about self is helpful across your professional career. It highlights your strengths and capabilities efficiently and provides an edge over the others. However, cracking the right way of communication across various professional platforms is a tough nut. And one gathers expertise through experience and learning. It is one of the critical skills that a professional needs to pick early in life and improvise as one grows. Here we explain the tips on how to write about yourself.

How to write about yourself professionally?

Begin with an Attention-Grabbing Introduction:

A brief introduction gives the reader an overall outlook of the person you are and what you aspire to be. It can highlight the talents, skills and experiences you have gained and practised over your career.

Mention Your Relevant Professional Experience:

The communication must include your key achievements, accolades, talents, interests and skills. Moreover, in today’s time, mention your social work engagements. The reader must get a fair idea of what type of personality you have and the work experience you come with.


The language of the communication should be polite and calm. It should let the reader glide through the information and know everything they want about you.

How to describe yourself in a job interview?


A proactive person with a go-getter attitude is what every recruiter is looking for in every candidate. Facing issues in accomplishing a task and having the skill to navigate them will make you stand out.


Being sensitive toward revenues and profitability helps.


You should stand up and be accountable for every action you take. Everyone takes decisions that do not end up giving 100 results. But one must avoid offloading accountability.


A focused and goal-oriented personality has the advantage of being chosen over the others. While writing a resume or during the interview, we must stress this aspect wherever possible.

Growth and development:

We must always be looking for opportunities to grow. Developing new skills and ensuring the company derives value from it will help you gain an advantage in your future endeavours.

How to write about yourself in an email?

Drafting the email subject:

The short and sweet email subject lets the reader know what the email is about. Mentioning keywords that form a part of the email also helps the reader.

Mandatory intro:

Introduce the mail with a greeting and a reference for the email. Highlight the detail the reader must know about the incident/issue and read more.

Email Length:

Long emails tend to miss out on readers’ attention. Keeping the emails short and to the point helps the reader stay focused and make decisions quickly.

Closing remarks:

Thank the reader for their time and request them with the desired action to the email in the end.

Samples to write about yourself:

Professional Introduction:

Dear Mr Stanley,

This is Rupert, and I’m a motivational speaker. I conducted over 100 sessions across sectors just last year and have addressed an audience of over 15,000 in my career. A motivational session for your staff will help them rejuvenate and work as a collective force.

Job Interview Introduction:

Hello, This is Shankar; I did a Master’s in Social Engineering from Penn State University in 2006. I was taken as a Manager in the CSR division of DM Foods LLC.

Introduction via Email:


This is Jenifer. I’m representing Jigsaw Plus Ltd., the owners of Brand Jigsaw. We have over a million different games, which can be played by age groups ranging from 3yrs – 16yrs. Should you need any further information about the products, I’ll be your point of contact.



I want a Job

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