Fresher’s Answers For Why Do You Want To Work For Us?


Preparation for an interview should include a thorough understanding of some commonly asked questions. 

As you prepare to face job interviews, you must remember that every interview is an opportunity. There are only a handful of interviews one gets after applying at several places. It is best to be prepared and avoid making common mistakes in such a situation. 

Let us break down the question into all the key components and arrive at some interview tips for freshers to answer the question. 

Why do employers ask, ‘Why Do You Want To Work For Us?’?

‘Why Do You Want To Work For Us?’ is a usual question asked to an interview candidate. This question gives a window of opportunity to the interviewee to impress the employer and make an impact. The question is open-ended, so it allows you to highlight your strengths and showcase your understanding of the company.

Employers ask this question because they want to know how interested the employee is in their organization. Is it a generic application, or is the applicant indeed stimulated and excited to work with the company? The job profile within the organization for which you have applied matters. The employer wants to know your thoughts on working for them and figure out if you could be at the firm for a long time. There are certain ways to answer this question to create the best possible impression, and a few things to avoid.

Tips for answering ‘Why Do You Want to Work For Us?’

Learn all you can about the company

To answer this critical question well, you need to research the company. Please read about the company from their websites, social media updates, as well as what is written about them in the media coverage. Have you ever met or listened to anyone from the company? Recall the insights they may have shared. You can find out about the company from the following online sources:

  1. Website: Read about their vision, mission, milestones, history, and culture
  2. Follow the media coverage
  3. Check the social media presence: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  4. Connect with or read the experiences of their employees
  5. Read customer reviews 

Go through the job description and work profile on offer.

While the company would have a grand scale of operations, and milestones to their credit, as someone joining newly, your work is likely to be more routine. In such a scenario, your expectations about the job you will be doing must be realistic. It would help if you made it a point to emphasize why the work being offered excites you.

Work culture match

You can also bring out your past work experience, internships, volunteering, and interests to discuss how they align with the values and work culture. For example, if you are going to be in a sales job, you can suggest how much you love to travel, meet people, talk to them, etc. If you join a research-related company, you can discuss how much you like reading books or newspapers.

Sample answers to the question

Here are a few sample answers to the question. Remember to keep your assertive and clear. 

  • I have the skills and experience you are looking for, especially in this area. My background makes me well suited for this role. At the same time, this role offers an environment that will push and challenge me to give my very best.
  • I only want to work for an organization that is willing to embrace change and push the boundaries of innovative marketing. Your organization’s social media marketing strategy last year convinced me that your mission and vision are the right fit for me.
  • I have used your products and services myself. I believe that this company cares about its customers and believes in making a difference in people’s lives. For these reasons, I would like to work for this company.

What to avoid saying

Even if you are tempted to take it lightly, as it is a commonly asked question, do not resist the temptation. Avoid any humorous or satirical remark to the question, no matter how friendly the interviewer may appear. Instead, see this question as an opportunity to express your knowledge. Moreover, avoid a concise reply as it may seem that you have not read too much about the company. Give an answer that brings out your interest and awareness.

Remember that the purpose of the question is for the company to judge your level of interest and decide if you are the right fit for their organization. Here are a few answers that it is best to avoid: 

  • ‘I just need a job and hope to get this one.’ Saying this doesn’t seem right, as it may signal that you do not have much interest in the work profile you have been offered. Without a sufficient interest in the job, one cannot perform the job properly.
  • ‘I see this as a platform to get bigger and better things.’ No matter how small, companies do not want to be a place where a person joins for a short while before finding another job.
  • ‘The company offers good pay and benefits.’ While this may be a good reason for you, the company may feel that this may also cause you to seek a more remunerative job than what you will get at this firm. 


This common question offers an opportunity to make an impression and convince your employer that you are excited about the firm and your job in it. While remaining your conversational self, ensure that you discuss a few critical reasons for applying to that company. Also, dwell on the job description you have at the company and how important that is for you.

I want a Job

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