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What is a 10th pass jobs?

So you have passed your 10th class exams and would like to explore what jobs are available for you? You have come to the right place. In today's world of innovation and new-age businesses, more and more companies are hiring based on your qualities than your qualifications. As a result, be it a person with minimum or highest qualifications, your performance has become the dominating yardstick in finding and succeeding in your job.

Here are answers to five frequently asked questions about 10th Pass jobs.

What are the skills & responsibilities needed for 10th passed jobs?

Several entry-level positions are open to hiring 10th pass candidates. What matters is your attributes and approach to the job under discussion. Qualities such as willingness to learn, hard work, a smart approach to resolving challenges, teamwork, and being driven by results are on top of the list for hiring companies and recruiters. Most of these jobs are entry-level and require you to deliver on targets. However, as soon as you start performing, you also climb up the professional ladder quickly.

What are the top vacancies for 10th Pass job-seekers?

Vacancies for 10th pass job-seeker pans across many sectors. Sales jobs top that list. Field Sales is one profession where your people skills are more important than your education and background. Another such sector is the back-office industry. Domestic Back-office Processing Centers ( BPO) hire 10th pass candidates for various processes such as customer service, document verification, after-sales, and collections. More recently, the service delivery industry, which includes food and grocery delivery, courier, and transport, has emerged as one of the biggest employers of 10th pass candidates.

Which are the highest paying opportunities for 10th Pass job-seekers?

By and large, sales jobs remain the highest paying job option for 10th pass job seekers. The reason is that in addition to your fixed basic salary, you are also eligible for incentives and commissions based purely on your performance. So your compensation in a direct sales job is directly proportional to your hard work and ability to sell. Hence sales jobs are the most lucrative option.

Back-office executives also earn good salaries. Over and above their basic salary, most of these jobs have a two-tier incentive model comprising individual incentives proportionate to your performance and a team incentive depending on how the overall team performs.

Many 10th pass youngsters opt for service delivery jobs as the pay is proportional to the number of orders you can service a day, and you can decide what shifts to work. The salaries are paid weekly and have surge incentives depending on peak days and the weather.

What kind of salaries can one expect for 10th Pass Jobs?

Most entry-level jobs, especially the most lucrative ones, have two components in their salary – the fixed basic and the variable commission/incentive. The basic salaries in sales jobs for the 10th pass can be between Rs. 8000 – 1000 per month. However, depending on your incentives, you can earn Rs. 25000 monthly. Meanwhile, the salary starting in the BPO sector will be between Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 12,000. By the month's end, you can take an average of between Rs. 18.000 – Rs. 20,000 every month. The service delivery jobs, dominated by food deliveries, mobility, and couriers, could pay you anywhere between Rs.18000 – Rs. 22,000 monthly if you consistently clock 8 – 10 hours of work every day of the week.

Interestingly, the most popular sales jobs provide you with the least basic salary compared to other sectors. Yet, you end up earning more every month than others in sales. This is because of the high-incentive model that sales roles follow.

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