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Operator / Machinist

₹16600 - 33300/month

Koppal, Karnataka
Experience Required
12 - 18 Years
Education Required

₹16600 - 33300/month

Job Type
Job Type : Full time
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Day / Night
Days of Work
Working Days
6 Days/week
Work Hours
Working Hours
9 Hours/day

Other Requirements
Other Requirements
Aadhaar Card
Aadhaar Card

Job Description
Job Description
In order to monitor and maintain the operations of a power plant, Control Room Operators must carry out a large range of duties. While duties vary from plant to plant, we determined these primary responsibilities of Control Room Operators after analyzing several job listings .
Monitor Plant Operations
From the control room, Control Room Operators monitor all plant operations on screens and computers. They watch closely to identify any abnormal operating and equipment conditions.
Fix Problems
When something abnormal is detected, the Control Room Operators troubleshoots and repairs the electrical and mechanical equipment to get everything back on track to minimize safety risks and economic losses.
Track and Log Operational Systems
The Control Room Operators is responsible for tracking and recording the status of the operational system using applicable journals and control system tools.
Make Recommendations
From their vantage point, Control Room Operators are in a great position to identify and recommend changes to improve overall plant reliability, performance and output.
Monitor Emissions
An important duty of the Control Room Operator is to monitor the operations of emissions control equipment and adjust it to meet State and Federal permits.