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Two-Wheeler Showroom Manager


₹8300 - 25000/month

Hyderabad, Telangana
Experience Required
0 - 5 Years
Education Required

₹8300 - 25000/month

Job Type
Job Type : Full time
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Day Shift
Days of Work
Working Days
6 Days/week
Work Hours
Working Hours
9 Hours/day

Other Requirements
Other Requirements
Aadhaar Card
Aadhaar Card
Bank Proof
Bank Proof
Education Proof
Education Proof
PAN Card
PAN Card

Job Description
Job Description
Sales & Business Planning
1) Setting Sales Goals, Track Pr"Bikes sales , Two wheeler sales ,Studying the features of all products on offer.
Arranging stock in a manner that is both visually appealing and allows ease of movement.
Ensuring that test models are set up and in outstanding condition.
Training staff in effective sales and communication strategies.
Supervising the use of test models to prevent damage.
Negotiating prices and payment plans, and then closing sales.
Advising Purchasers on items which ought to be restocked or removed from the catalog.
Resolving strain and conflict between staff to promote a jovial and productive workplace.
Documenting sales and rewarding employees for these accordingly.

Lead Team.
2) Meeting with sales staff, Vendors, Financiers driving business
3) Understanding of Two wheeler Industry
4) Enquiry Management.
5) Test ride Management

Customer Engagement Requirement
1) Customer Relationship management
2) Handling Customer Grievances, Smooth Vehicle Delivery, Test Ride
3) Taking customer feedback, customer delight

Demand Generation Activities
1) Undertaking outside Activities.
2) Through BTL and ATL activity to ensure more lead generation as well as more conversion of sales.
3) Understanding digital platform to promote Two wheeler sales

Operations & Reporting
1) Recruit, Train and Coach Sales staff
2) Understanding showroom operation Front end as well as Back end