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Operator / Machinist

₹14500 - 25000/month

Bellary, Karnataka
Experience Required
5 - 7 Years
Education Required

₹14500 - 25000/month

Job Type
Job Type : Full time
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Day / Night
Days of Work
Working Days
6 Days/week
Work Hours
Working Hours
9 Hours/day

Other Requirements
Other Requirements
Aadhaar Card
Aadhaar Card

Job Description
Job Description
Monitoring and Control the process parameters as desired and handing over to the incoming shift in a
systematic and orderly manner.
 Understand, follow and perform the duties with approved available departmental standing instruction,
Standard operating procedures and other work permit systems.
 Operation and Monitor the performance of process equipment in safe manner and ensure the
availability of spare equipment for immediate use if required.
 Communicate with control room / supervisors immediately in case of any parameters abnormalities
noticed or process deviation noticed to ensure that accurate condition of field equipment is maintained.
 Record and maintain accurate, timely log data of equipment and closely follow their performance
 Inform Supervisor to raise work orders for correction in case of malfunction of equipment / instrument.
 Prepare and hand over equipment in a safe manner to maintenance staff for repair and get back in
service after checks as per PTW procedure.
 React to plant process / safety emergencies promptly and carry out actions as laid down in the
company HSE procedures.
 Use Ram materials, chemicals and other Utilities consumables in an optimal manner to ensure cost
 Comply with all company Health, Safety and Environment as well as Work Permit, policies and
 Coordinate and cooperate with maintenance departments, lab and other service dept. for smooth
running of plant.
 Carry out planned inspection and safety tours to identify unsafe conditions and practices, classifies
equipment form hazard point of view.
 Perform other related duties such as collection of samples, greasing, lubricating, adjusting glands,
tightening loose connection, changing filters, etc coordinating with relevant dept.
 Prepare daily, weekly chemicals stock / consumption reports and inform Supervisor for requesting
stores stock items / chemicals necessary for operating the plant.
 Maintains adequate housekeeping according to Company’s HSE