Tips to Get the Best Out of Qjobs Premium Job Posting Package!

Do you want to know some foolproof recruiting tips to refine your hiring process?

Do you want to know the telltale signs of a retentive and focused employee from the first interview?

Read on to find out the top 7 undisputed tips to help you fill your workplace with highly productive, motivated employees. Following a thorough hiring process can help you avoid deleterious mistakes and ensure you hire only the best-qualified candidates.

Top 7 Tips to Fill Your Workplace with Productive, Motivated Employees

Create Compelling Job Descriptions

The first step of a good hiring process is putting the company’s needs out of the world. A well-written job description is the first interplay between a potential employee and your company. It should be ensured that the written job description accurately represents your company image and the job for which the vacancy stands.

The commitments and prerequisites of the job should be stated transparently, along with a sense of the work environment and the rewards the job can offer them in return. This will help you chuck away incompetent and uninterested applicants and make shortlisting less stressful.


An active recruitment process can be converted into a rather passive one by owning up to feedback, revamping the company’s social media profile, and posting updates where respondents can plausibly read them. Such branding can assist in attracting candidates who are not looking for employment but are open to exploring new possibilities.

Employee turnover can be reduced by 28% by branding alone. There are hardly any organisations without a social media website owing to the advantages of responses on real-time updates and holding an online presence.

Get Your Entire Organization On-Board

The employee onboarding process used by your firm can break or make your new employee success. This is done by sending relevant forms to the job applicant for approval. Such confirmation needs to be done by a signature conventionally, and in case of geographical limitations, a digital E signature can be used. Automated onboarding processes arrange training and other materials which aids employee work engagement.

Easy Participation

Mobile phones predominate over PCs for visiting websites, refreshing oneself with some entertainment and research, and hence for exploring new job opportunities, it can be the most relevant device. Optimizing a recruitment process for mobile users can improve recruitment quality substantially. Mobile phones make hosting video interviews easy and aid in monitoring referrals and accounts.

Last but not least, a digital handbook can be created. Eliminating hassle can allow low barrier entry to all applicants fairly. This can also avoid the association of ‘stress’ with the firm from the first interaction itself. A phone interview and online assessments can be used for screening.

Spread Referral Awareness

Taking advantage of the snowball effect is one of the most constructive things you could do for your company. Current employees can be asked to refer individuals or organizations in their connections, ensuring the calibre of potential nominees. It also gives a sense of assurance because there is less speculation about a candidate’s work ethos. The flow of information with someone already an employee of the firm is a selling point for that applicant.

Granting your current employees an incentive if the applicant they referred is hired is one way to persuade them to enforce a referral programme. This can be accomplished through financial or other forms of remuneration.

Reach Out To Employees Networks

A firm’s employees will typically have a social network of other employees with similar job descriptions in the same field. Employees may be asked to share job-related stories and posts on their Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram profiles to lend a hand with the hiring process. This can be done through stories, posts, and links in the bio. This lowers the cost of media advertising and may aid in more efficient marketing through demographic, psychographic, and even geographic market segmentation. The target audience can be expected to be of the same field, ensuring the maximum number of relevant responses. This may also sometimes reduce the need for a background check.

Get Quality Leads

Pitching to an inappropriate readership is often a waste of time and effort, resulting in misunderstandings between what is offered and what is expected of the applicant. This presents a problem. To match the job description, the applicant must have the desired profile. The first hack, rather than sending an email, is to make a phone call from the company. This is preferable because if the candidate is truly interested, he or she will request that additional details be sent to them digitally.

This email is not only anticipated but is now also desired, with an increased probability of conversion. The second hack to acquire leads is attending events where the target group will also be present. Following these methods will require commitment, but the long-term outcomes will always outweigh the upfront investment.

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