What Is Qjobs Premium Job Posting Package: Features, Pricing & How It Works

Qjobs is the best online marketplace for both employers and employees. The platform provides an easy way for employers, especially in the blue-collar and grey-collar domains, to find the right talent for their organisation. In addition, Quess, the parent organisation, provides technology-powered staffing and managed outsourcing solutions, ensuring a 360-degree recruitment solution. Some of the top businesses across the country, such as Swiggy, Ultratech cement, Toppr, and Rapido, to name a few, have found employees from across India using Qjobs.


If you also want to try Qjobs and see how it can strengthen and simplify your recruitment process, you can get started here. The process is fairly straightforward. You must enter your mobile number and email address to get an OTP, and you’ll begin the onboarding process.

Qjobs is even providing a 10% discount as part of #FestiveHiring on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. You hire from top roles and locations and find the best possible candidates. This offer is highly beneficial for small businesses and startups, as it helps them reduce their employee onboarding costs.

Qjobs Premium Job Posting Package Features

Qjobs premium job posting package offers a one-stop solution for all your hiring needs. Some of the features available with the package are:

Source Candidates from across the Country

Qjobs empowers you to find candidates from all over India, irrespective of their location. This ensures that you see only the best talent without any geographical restrictions.

Find the Top Talent

In premium jobs, the candidates are put through various filters and pre-screening tests. This helps filter out the best and provides you with only the very best from the talent pool. Hence, you will be able to get the right candidate matching all the criteria mentioned in the job. Moreover, the most recently active candidates that match the requirements are pushed to apply for the job, speeding up the hiring process.

Job Posting Widget for Your Website

If you have an employer website, you can leverage Qjobs job posting widget to promote the open positions on the website. Copy and paste the widget code on your site, and you’ll have a recruitment page.

Qjobs Premium Job Posting Package Pricing

The Qjobs premium job posting packages are priced at affordable rates, making them accessible to large and small businesses. If you are a new recruiter, you get 900 free credits. Moreover, for every master account, you can add unlimited recruiter accounts under them. Here is a look at monthly packages in a simplified form.

Package 1

Package Plan: Small

Hiring Requirements: 20 positions

Job Active Period: 30 days

Additional Days For Job Post Being Active (If expected applications are not provided): 15 days.

Package 2

Package Plan: Medium

Hiring Requirements: 40 positions

Job Active Period: 30 days

Additional Days For Job Post Being Active (If expected applications are not provided): 15 days.

Package 3

Package Plan: Large

Hiring Requirements: 60 positions

Job Active Period: 30 days

Additional Days For Job Post Being Active (If expected applications are not provided): 15 days.

You can change your plan easily at any time based on your hiring needs. If you have more positions, you can get additional job posting slots by upgrading your package and vice versa.

Bundle packages are available if you always have bulk vacancies and need bulk job postings. Get in touch with us to know more details about bundle packages.

How Job Posting Works in Qjobs

The process of job posting on Qjobs is fairly simple. Here we have provided a step-by-step look at the process.

Step 1: Go to Qjobs, and select Jobs

Step 2: Create a new job posting

Step 3: Enter the job details

Step 4: Add a job description

Step 5: List the skills required

Step 6: Add salary and benefits info

Step 7: Add information about your company

Step 8: Post the job

Step 9: Receive and track applications

Step 10: Monitor your job posting’s results

Recruiter Bottom Line

Qjobs is a great platform for small businesses and startups to post jobs and hire the best talent. The platform offers a wide range of features at affordable prices, making it a great value-for-money proposition. Check out Qjobs premium job posting packages by registering right away! Don’t miss out on the limited-time Diwali discount!

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