How to present yourself to a hiring manager efficiently

What do you need to present yourself as the best candidate  to an interviewer?

Having good presentation skills is the only way to crack the interviews and get the desirable job opportunity in cut throat competition.


The only way to stand out from an innumerable list of applicants, and the most successful way of selling yourself in the interview process is to present yourself effectively.

Presenting refers to demonstrating yourself, communicating core strengths, and creating a rightful and suitable image in the minds of the interviewer. 

With this reading, you will learn more about presenting yourself efficiently to a hiring manager. These are a few ways to improve your chances of getting desirable career opportunities with minimum effort.

Ways to present yourself in front of hiring manager efficiently

Development of appropriate responses

Hiring managers do not want long sentences and difficult words to gather information about you. Instead, they expect you to be precise in presenting your qualities and strengths.

You should develop the responses that can describe you best in the interview process. These responses should reveal suitable competencies and skills that the hiring manager is looking into for the post applied. 

Never miss an opportunity to depict your values to create a positive first impression on the hiring manager.

Communicating achievements is vital in the interview process. Whatever you have achieved in your career, you need to quantify it or show their percentage. 

You need to communicate your lifetime achievements in reverse order and communicate the latest one firstly.

There may be times when you will have to face unpredictable questions. Therefore, the interviewee should always keep their emotions in control. The interviewee is expected to not show anger, agitation, and eagerness in front of the hiring managers.

For instance: If an interviewer communicates to you during an interview that you have to change your job location every two years and you are not aware that the post you have applied for is transferable every two years. If you are not ready to do a transferable job, your reaction should not affect your responses. You should not react spontaneously and be flexible to it. It would be helpful if you showed agreeableness to the hiring manager for getting selected in the company.

Moreover, the interviewee should not mislead the hiring manager by communicating false achievements and skills. Sooner or after, the actual caliber of the candidate will be on show at the workplace. 

Thus, the applicant should always provide factual information about the hiring manager’s competencies, achievements, and skillsets to improve credibility and retain dignity.

Focus on appearance

Crafting an impactful resume is just a first milestone. You also have to perform well in the interview. 

Without proper appearances, you cannot present well in front of the hiring manager.

It shows your judgment, uncovers your confidence level, and demonstrates the level of respect you have for the employer and clients in the future. 

Nobody can ignore the relevance of attire in the interview process. It is the best way to set your distinct image in the mind of the hiring manager. 

In addition, a proper appearance demonstrates that you are polished, poised, and prepared for the interview process. 

The way you dress reveals your personality and sense of putting yourself in front of others. Therefore, you should wear a decent dress that should also be highly comfortable. 

Wearing the proper dress also shows your seriousness and genuine interest in the position. It also reflects your understanding of the corporate culture and professionalism.

Correct Body Language

You have the right skills that are apt for the vacant posts. There may be many applicants for the particular job posts and also carry similar skill sets and abilities. 

But what makes you different is having the right posture. Without the right body language, you might find that hiring managers do not want to waste any time offering a job to you.

Body language plays a significant role in building your career. It is a crucial element in presenting and describing yourself in the interview process. 

It is said that action speaks louder than words. 

Everything right from your entry in the interview room to the outfit, hairstyle, accessories, and way of holding personal docs, greeting interviewers, sitting on the chair, body movement, giving information, and exiting from the room gets noticed.

Posture and eye contact demonstrate your level of confidence. It does not mean staring up at the interviewer every time. Instead, it is the way of paying attention to the interviewers. If you need to address more than one interviewer, you need to make eye contact with each one of them.

Hand gestures are also significant as it helps to reinforce your words and strong points that signify the information you want to communicate. 

Hand movements such as clasping palms and touching fingertips show your openness and honesty. But, on the other hand, a clenching fist shows your nervousness.

Key Takeaways

Presenting yourself multiplies your chance of getting hired in the targeted companies and contributes to your career development.

There is always a long queue of job applicants waiting for their turn to get interviewed by the hiring manager. 

If you do not want to lose the opportunity and get selected for the post applied, you need to convince the interviewer that you are unique and most eligible for the vacancy. 

With appropriate presentation, you can shine and be the best in the interview process that eleven hiring managers feel to not losing the opportunity of having you in the organization. 


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