Tips for Freshers on How to Get Digital Marketing Jobs in India

Digital marketing expertise is in high demand. Many firms aim to hire more digital marketers in 2022, according to the Marketing hiring trends survey.

Furthermore, digital advertising, content development, and content strategy were the most in-demand job skills in 2021.

The best thing about digital marketing is that it evolves at a rapid pace. Startups, small and medium-sized businesses, travel agencies, and sales firms are all changing the way they do business.

They nowadays are interacting with the viewers through digital platforms. As a result, the demand for digital marketing jobs for freshers is increasing on a daily basis. Furthermore, not only is digital marketing beneficial in terms of professional development and job opportunities but also incredibly beneficial financially. 

Here are some tips for freshers to find Digital Marketing jobs:

  • Gain experience in advertising through internships or freelancing

Learn everything and continue to learn. The internet marketing profession is all about knowing what you’re doing. Offer your services for free to friends and relatives, or take a low-paying job. Almost everyone must start from scratch. Marketers must gain knowledge in this sector, and they must keep in mind that marketing tactics are continuously changing. If you perform well, it can be added to your resume, and you can also receive excellent recommendations.

Learn from your peers and begin networking with them in the marketing profession. Begin by working with well-known clientele in order to acquire an ideal job.

  • Start writing a blog

If you want to establish yourself as an experienced marketer, you should start writing blogs. Even if you don’t have your own blog, you can write as a guest blogger on websites that accept blogs from various writers. Blogging not only allows you to polish your creative writing talents, but it also allows you to learn a lot about a wide range of topics on the internet. When you blog, you absorb a lot of information. When you attract the attention of firms in the related areas, you will automatically receive attractive job offers.

  • Establish a strong LinkedIn presence

It is important to concentrate social media marketing efforts on LinkedIn. Make every effort to complete your profile and acquire as many recommendations as possible.

Your profile photo should portray you as a professional yet approachable individual. Demonstrate your abilities in a few phrases or a sentence. Your summary allows them to immediately determine whether you’re a good fit for the role. As a result, getting it right is critical. In order for recruiters to find your profile, you should include all essential keywords in your profile. Include your tasks and achievements in each role to make your work experience stand out.

  • Apply for jobs actively

Even if you are not a qualified candidate, apply for employment on multiple job boards. Entry-level marketing positions include marketing specialists and coordinators. LinkedIn,, and other leading job search sites are the greatest places to look for work. When applying for a job, include a personalized letter. This area is intended to highlight abilities, qualifications, and enthusiasm for the work.

However, while applying to top sites on job portals, be careful of spam and fake positions.

  • Build a professional network

Networking is essential for developing a successful career; in fact, networking is responsible for filling 85 percent of all employment. Coworkers, friends, teachers, mentors, and other professions can all be used to network. However, trading business cards and adding people to your LinkedIn network isn’t enough to grow your network. 

The easiest method to build a good network is through the relationships you form with people. Comment on someone else’s new achievement. Thank your contact if he or she recently said or did something to help you, such as contacting you about a job vacancy or offering advice on how to ask for a raise. Keep in touch with your contacts by sharing stuff that they would find useful. Try to meet connections in-person. Communicate frequently.


For freshers, finding a decent digital marketing job has never been easy, especially since every company wants someone with expertise. Given the current economic climate, companies and the market will place a premium on digital and technology skills, which will enable employees to work from remote places. As a consequence, there is a high need for digital marketing employment. But, in our opinion, whichever expertise you choose, you must first be familiar with the fundamentals of digital marketing in order to build a solid foundation. Working on these strategies will prepare you to enter the digital industry and become a digital marketing specialist.

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