How to Write Objectives for Resumes

The age-old usage ‘first impression is the last impression’ is relevant in almost all real-life situations. It is practical in job interviews as well. But even before a job interview, do you know what frames your first impression? It is your resume.

It is your resume that gets your foot in the door. The first glance of your resume plays a crucial role in determining your first impression. Therefore, it is necessary to structure your resume perfectly to elevate your first impression. Resume writing is an art that can help you get to your dream job.

Most resumes begin with the objective section. An objective is a statement about your goals in your job and life. The objective in your resume is also a hook that helps you present your ambitions to the prospective employer.

What is an objective for a resume?

The objective part of a resume should be placed at the top.  It is a summary of your career goals. The objective of a resume is a brief statement that should catch the recruiter’s attention.

 How to write a perfect objective for a resume?

These are the few steps that you can follow for a perfect objective in your resume writing process:

Keep it short

Recruiters do not like people who beat around the bush. You should stick to the point in your objective and keep it short. Deviating from the main topic will not only confuse the hiring manager but also lower your chances of getting hired. 

Showcase your skill sets

Apart from highlighting your goals, you should also highlight the skills that empower you to reach those goals. This would help you get some mileage with the recruiter, as you can connect your skill sets to your goals. By highlighting your skill sets, you are not only showcasing your strong points but also demonstrating clarity of thoughts to the hiring manager.

Cover professional goals

You should cover your professional goals in your objective. It can be either related to the specific job that you are applying for or to your career in general. It will provide clarity to the recruiter on what you are trying to achieve in your life. 

What is in it for them?

Always remember that you will be hired to help a company reach its goals faster. You should project how you would be valuable to the company. 

Understand the organization’s requirements

You should understand the company’s requirements and amend your objective accordingly. It would improve the chances of your resume getting shortlisted. For instance, if you have been working in the area of digital marketing and have made your resume objective accordingly, you should specifically look at what areas of digital marketing the company that you are applying for is interested in and make changes accordingly.

Resume Objective Examples

There are several ways to write an objective in a resume. In a nutshell, it should be able to convey your goals, your skill sets and how you plan to add value to the company you are applying for. 

Consider the samples provided below and edit them as per your use case. It is your resume and your objective. Always remember this, and you will be good to go. 

Some good resume objective examples are:

Example 1: Marketing

A self-driven and committed professional with specialization in marketing and over X years of experience in ATL & BTL activities to drive revenue.

Seeking a career to learn and grow my skill sets in team management, business development and strategy.

Example 2: Digital Marketing

An enthusiastic and self-motivated content writer who understands SEO, keyword research and content marketing.

With X years of experience in the content marketing industry, I am looking forward to develop social campaigns and digital marketing strategies for businesses.

Example 3: Web Development

An accomplished web developer with deep experience in new-age technologies. Have completed X projects in the last X years.

A highly detail-oriented and committed professional that can deliver solutions according to schedules.

Example 4: Human Resources

An enthusiastic talent acquisition professional with X years of experience, having sharp analytical skills to find prospective employees, understanding their skills, talents and aspirations, and hiring and onboarding them.

Hired close to X (number of) employees across departments to help the company grow and expand faster.


Your resume is the first thing an HR professional looks at when considering your candidature, and it leaves a strong first impression. And though having a well-crafted resume does not assure the job, it surely increases your chances of getting an interview.

Learning is best utilized with its application. With all that you have learned today about objectives in a resume, create a unique objective for your resume as per your strengths and goals today.

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