How to Hire a Security Guard?

When one thinks of a work setting, who is the first person that comes to your mind? More likely, it is a security guard. As the business grows, security holds significant importance. Thus, it is essential to know how to hire a security guard who will be the right fit for your company.

Hiring a security guard is critical because it will give you peace of mind. The right candidate will be authoritative and stern, but will not be brash. Here are some tips to help you decide on the hiring process for on-site security.

How to equip a security guard?

Security guard equipment is essential to help them perform their job efficiently. Here’s a list of things to equip the security guard:


Clothing/Uniform is one of the most important things that a security guard must have. The uniform includes a high-visibility cloth set, bullet-proof vest, boots, etc.

Defence equipment

A security guard can use various equipment as defence. These include a security gun, pepper spray, iron sticks, etc. 


Flashlights can be heavy and huge, but are essential for a security guard. It does not matter if he is doing night or day duty. His duty might put him in a situation where he is in a dark room; a flashlight can be of great use there.

Digital camera

If the security guard is working at a location with no CCTV or security camera installed, a digital camera could be the best fit for such places. He can record any illegal activity with it.

Two-way radio

A two-way radio is essential for maintaining communication between the security guard and centre.

Mobile phone

Although security guards mostly use walkie-talkie for communication, a cell phone is crucial for making a quick call. Moreover, security guards can put all the important contacts on a quick dial for even faster access.

Heavy-duty security belt

Eventually, a heavy-duty security belt can help keep all this equipment in one place.

Tips on how to hire a security guard

A security guard is of utmost importance for keeping the employees, clients and the company’s campus safe. Here’s all that you need to look at before hiring a security guard:

Writing a job description

Writing a job description is the first step to hiring a security guard. When you write and share a job description, you ensure that your company needs a particular position. People can then apply for the job. Based on who matches your requirement the most, you can select many candidates for the further round of interviews. 

Ask the right interview questions

Interviewing security guards can be complicated if you do not know what to ask. Apart from the skills, you can ask the candidate about themselves, their past experiences, any real-life security situation they faced, how they came out of it, their expectations from the company and employers, and crisis management plans.

Having the correct answers to these questions can further help you narrow down your search to hire a security guard.

Run a background and reference check

Eventually, you need to ensure that the candidate you select is genuine and authentic. For this, you can do a background check. You can ask the candidate about references from his previous company. These references can help you a lot in understanding your selected candidates. You can ask about their work ethics and performance, strengths, and weaknesses. Once you are satisfied, you can finally hire the security guard.

Final words

Hiring a security guard has become critical in today’s date. A security guard can help you keep a comfortable work environment on your company’s premises. Therefore, you need to be sure before making your final choice of selecting the right candidate. 

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