Best In-Demand Work-From-Home Jobs in 2022

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, the demand for work-from-home jobs has increased significantly. Earlier it was optional, but now people have started looking for work-from-home jobs (WFH) on a priority basis. In fact, several employees became so accustomed to and satisfied with their remote work culture that the reopening of the office has led many to quit their jobs and switch to permanent WFH jobs.

Employers, too, have embraced this remote work culture. The major reason is the increased productivity. There are several other benefits of remote work culture, which we will address in this article, along with the best in-demand remote jobs.

Benefits of Work-from-home Jobs

Remote work culture has its share of amazing benefits. Some are:

  1. You get to choose your work hours. There are no fixed lunch or tea breaks.
  2. You can save a lot of money spent otherwise on commute.
  3. You can save yourself a lot of time and anxiety.
  4. The WFH job culture gives an opportunity to apply for jobs in other parts of the world.
  5. Remote jobs are a boon, especially for mothers who can now easily balance both home and professional life.
  6. Work-from-home jobs are mostly high-paying but remember, not every job guarantees a decent pay scale.

Best work-from-home Jobs in 2022

Content Writer

Content writers are responsible for creating researched content, including blog posts, SEO articles, website content, etc. A content writer’s job demands thorough research on the given topic as whatever they write or edit, the world will read. Furthermore, their content must be on point as they are responsible for gaining website traffic or lead generation. Most companies allow content writers to work from home as they need a quiet and creative space to come up with the best pieces.

Average Annual Salary: Rs 3.5 lakhs

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are creative persons responsible for creating illustrations, logos, custom images, landing pages and more, depending on the team or the company they are working with. A graphic designer’s work has to be so impactful that it can communicate the idea through the art. Since graphic designers work independently, it is one of the most sought work-from-home professions.

Average Annual Salary: Rs 3 lakhs

Web Developer

Most companies today are allowing web developers to work remotely. The reason is the enhanced productivity. Web developers are responsible for creating user-friendly websites through coding. The extensive demand for this profession has made it a high-paying job. If you are good at coding, you can take up this career while enjoying the benefits of working from home. Web developer’s role is of three types: full stack, backend and frontend. Depending upon your skillsets, you can go for any role.

Average Annual Salary: Rs 3.1 lakhs to Rs 15 lakhs

Data Scientist

Over the years, the demand for data scientist roles has increased significantly. Data scientists have technical skills that help them in solving complex problems and assist businesses in achieving their goals. Since this is a booming career choice, companies pay really well for the job.

Average Annual Salary: Rs 4.5 lakhs to Rs 25 lakhs

Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineer’s role is one of the highest paying work-from-home jobs. These engineers are responsible for managing big data with the relevant tools and skills. They are also responsible for identifying any defects or issues during the integration into the data system architecture.

Average Annual Salary: Rs 4.2 lakhs to Rs 22 lakhs

Digital Marketing Professional

Every business needs marketing, and the need for a strong online presence has also increased with everything getting online. This is exactly where a digital marketing professional can help. The responsibilities involve creating strategies for marketing the brand to help websites attract leads and traffic.

Average Annual Salary: Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 10.5 lakhs

Data Entry Operator

Data entry operators are responsible for organising data in the company’s database. They use computers to enter statistical and coded data, which can further be used to take significant decisions. A data operator must have a thorough knowledge of MS Office. Their role involves proofreading data, transferring, sorting and compiling it and more. 

Average Annual Salary: Rs 1.4 lakhs to Rs 3.5 lakhs

There are a number of professional sites or job boards where you can find WFH jobs. Just set the relevant filter and hit the search option, look through the options and apply to the jobs relevant to your skills.

Get your computer and a stable internet connection ready and find your dream remote job today!

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