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Executive Assistant


₹29100 - 37500/month

Palanpur, Gujarat
Experience Required
5 - 6 Years
Education Required
12th Standard / PUC

₹29100 - 37500/month

Job Type
Job Type : Full time
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Day Shift
Days of Work
Working Days
6 Days/week
Work Hours
Working Hours
9 Hours/day

Other Requirements
Other Requirements
Aadhaar Card
Aadhaar Card
Bank Proof
Bank Proof
Education Proof
Education Proof
PAN Card
PAN Card

Job Description
Job Description
"• Responsibility for cash management, which includes cash float management, cash collection, cash safekeeping is delegated to the Cashier. The Cashier has no subordinates and may not delegate the responsibility for cash management.
• To perform the duty of receiving all toll revenue, safekeeping of such revenue, transferring to the bank or to the next cashier on duty. This function is to be performed according to these procedures and with consideration to the highest security of such revenue. The risk of money loss to the company must be minimized.
• Lane money is to be kept as low as possible through regular bleed off. Other money on the property is to be secured, wherever possible, in the vault and under the security of at least two separate key holders.
• To come to work at the required time in the prescribed uniform
• To sign the attendance register
• To receive instruction, prior to shift commencement, from the Finance Manager / Auditor on duty
• To relieve the previous cashier at the designated time
• To manage the issue and return of toll collector floats
• To manage the issue change as required
• To collect, check and receive lane bleed off as and when required
• To check and receive cash declared
• To consolidate cash collected for banking purposes
• To handover the consolidated collection of the shift to the Finance Manager / Auditor on duty
• To ensure that the cash room is always neat, tidy and clean
• To ensure the cash room equipment is maintained in good working order and any faults are rectified in the prescribed manner
• To enforce security levels as prescribed
• To perform the above tasks accurately, efficiently and in a friendly, polite and helpful manner
• Sign the shift data report
• Take responsibility of outstanding items and incomplete work from previous shift Cashier.
• To record all the Incident in Cashier incident log book.
• Minimization of Absenteeism
• Timely issue of change to the Toll Collector when and where required
• Time to time