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Telecaller Outbound

BPO / Customer Care

₹10000 - 27000/month

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Verified Employer

Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra
Experience Required
Education Required
12th Standard / PUC

₹10000 - 27000/month

Job Type
Job Type : Full time
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Day / Night
Days of Work
Working Days
6 Days/week

Skills Required
Skills Required
Advanced English
General Knowledge
Intermediate English
Tele Sales

Other Requirements
Other Requirements
Aadhaar Card
Aadhaar Card

Job Description
Job Description
The work pressure is quite huge in BPO and KPO. The sleep cycles are disturbed for individuals and they often require medical guidance to handle stress.
The timings are not very flexible; however the pay packages are low when compared with the work volumes. This leads employees to feel exploited several times.
There are no proper laws for governing BPO and KPO yet. As a result, the dignity of labour is not very high. There is a constant risk of lay offs every now and then leading to instability in an individual’s career.

BPOs and KPOs have thrown open exciting job opportunities to youngsters in India. This is a field that has employed thousands of professionals and given them international working environment with great salary packages. BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing and KPO expands to Knowledge Process Outsourcing.

These are companies that hire resources on their payroll and offer them work from their customers empanelled from different countries. To elaborate, a BPO is a company that hires people to offer services to its clients abroad. The work these resources do may vary from data entry, medical transcription, content writing, software programming to HR and Financial services.

While BPO is a common term used for all businesses, KPO focuses on Knowledge and information related activities and demands highly skilled personnel. Some examples of KPO include legal services, intellectual property and patent related services, engineering related services, web development, CAD/CAM applications, business research and analytics, legal research, clinical research, publishing and market research (market research KPO)

Health issues of professionals : In order to synchronize with the working day of the client countries, a number of BPO companies work either mid – day to mid – night or all – night. The psychosomatic stresses involved in working at hours contrary to human biological cycle, the number of complaints related to health issues among BPO professionals is perhaps the highest among all other professionals.

This is an important issue that may influence the ability to BPO companies in attracting and retaining the best talent. Conclusion BPO means different things to different people. Some perceive it is a golden business opportunity, while some others see it is an avenue to an exciting career. However, significant steps must be taken in imparting certain fundamental skills to a large section of the students before BPO can become the next big wave of gainful employment. In the long run, success of the BPO industry will depend on how well the talent pool of the country is nurtured as also on a number of socio – political and psycho – somatic issues.
Skills Required for Career in BPO Sector

Qualification required for BPO job

For a BPO job, the basic educational qualification is Intermediate or Plus 2, for a nontechnical voice based BPO category job.
Good communication skills and knowledge, fluency and good accent and a