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As the scope of digital marketing techniques expands, businesses are keeping pace with the times by adding an online component to their brick-and-mortar stores. They are also combining different digital marketing strategies to create an online presence. Businesses are increasingly eager and willing to invest in branding, advertising, and marketing via the Internet. Brands are now using the digital realm to spread their ideas, ideas, and products.

You can start a career as a digital marketing executive by developing the necessary skills, using online resources, and serving clients around the world from the comfort of your home.

You will most likely want to start with personal branding and build a portfolio to create your unique digital presence. It's hard to keep up with all the latest trends, but getting a solid grasp of the basics of ups as well as future trends like artificial intelligence and virtual reality in the context of how they're being used in marketing is a great place to focus. For example, by completing the Google Analytics Individual certification or by studying the Google Webmaster, you will be well aware of Google's online marketing. Sure, a professional degree in marketing or digital marketing will open up more opportunities for you, but an online digital marketing certificate and courses will also open enough doors to launch a successful career.

Getting entry-level digital marketing jobs can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re 18 and fresh out of college, and even sometimes when you’re 30 but don't have professional experience in digital marketing.

Education, Skills & Responsibilities:

Today, there is a great need for professionals who understand social media, content quality assessment, competitive analytics, mobile search, and website analytics and digital marketing jobs for freshers are available all year round.

For digital marketing openings, in the role of a digital marketing associate, or a digital marketing executive, internships are a good way to showcase skills. But, even without an internship, you can showcase your skills through blogs and social media. A social media savvy person can hone their skills to manage corporate accounts. Some common social skills in marketing include effective communication, creativity, active listening, and organization.

You must also list, on your CV, any transferable skills if you are changing careers or applying for positions other than those in which you have professional experience. After that, you can take an appropriate course or make a career to give your skills adequate accreditation.

Even if you are applying to be a digital marketing manager, and have some experience beforehand, you can beef up your resume to showcase the latest relevant skills by undergoing certification courses.

You can always check out some free online training courses and programs like HubSpot’s Content Marketing Certification, MOZ SEO Training Course, or Google Academy for Ads to get ahead of the big ideas. When you learn from the software or its accredited ambassadors, you are sure to learn modern methods and strategies which will help you stand out in any digital marketing openings, especially amongst freshers.

Most self-taught marketers don't have the hands-on experience to deliver professional, business-impacting services. Or worse, rely on random online agencies offering marketing solutions without providing case studies that showcase their success stories. It's also important to create a good portfolio and resume for your dream career in digital marketing, so make sure you put together an impressive resume that highlights your achievements, educational qualifications, skills, and more.

Various Job Roles in Digital Marketing

No matter what you decide to specialize in, everyone will need people with digital marketing experience, and even if you are not technically prepared, you still have plenty of opportunities to develop your dream digital marketing career and earn a comfortable income. Whether you are business and management-oriented, technology or creative, digital workspaces will always be available.

The roles usually are, in ascending order of experience - Digital marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Associate, Digital marketing manager, and then the role moves on to a people management + very less of individual contribution, but even amongst these, there are specializations in the job roles you may perform.

Email marketing is an example of a specialized field of content development and marketing. Email marketing is primarily a lead generation activity, so professionals will likely be paired with digital marketing managers and/or content managers on targeted campaigns. SEO and SEM are the keys to a robust digital marketing campaign, and to that end, anyone who can demonstrate deep technical knowledge and combine it with digital marketing skills, especially at the managerial end of the spectrum, will earn the highest income in the field.

All market participants, including small businesses, are focusing on online marketing to increase their profits. Thus, it leads to the hiring of new talents and creative minds to market their product. Therefore, there are huge opportunities associated with SEO executives.

They need to understand end-to-end development, social media marketing, content strategy, copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), and paid online advertising (SEM). They bring people with the right skills into specific areas of digital marketing, which can include inbound marketing, SEO (on- or off-page), SEO (Google, Bing Ads experts), content writing, amplifiers. Or marketers, digital advertisers in general (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads), affiliate marketers, inbound marketers, social media specialists (social media campaign design), or customer service and strategy. This provides the best opportunity for freshmen who want to enter the field and show their meaningful skills to marketing firms to impress their recruiters and land a job.

If you are starting out as a Content Marketing Manager, you may be required to report to the Digital Marketing Manager or Marketing Manager, however, this is not required. Often, content writers who report to content marketers are freelancers who write content while working from home or part-time. As a content marketer, you must work on a variety of tasks such as blogging, creating drip campaigns, copywriting, guest blogging, PR, and video creation.

The role of social media marketers is to create a social media strategy, create content around it, publish that content, and track some key metrics such as reach, impressions, and subscriber engagement. As the name suggests, social media marketing is the management of a company's social media presence, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. It includes blog management, sales page copywriting, email communication, campaigns drip marketing, some PR, e-book publishing, video marketing, and guest blogging.

For a Marketing copywriter, the same basic job descriptions suggest that this can be done entirely from home, as this includes posting directly to the web. A copywriter can help a search engine marketer write better ads, help a social media manager place better words on social media channels, and help a content team improve their content for better reception.

If you have any of these skill sets, or if this seems interesting to you, and are a fresher or even someone experienced - you can become a digital marketeer, and you should definitely apply for a job in Digital Marketing, and here at Q Jobs, we’re prepared to help you find one. All you need to do is sign up by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Question

As a Fresher in Digital Marketing, in smaller companies the average pay scale is about 25 thousand rupees a month, but in larger organizations, it can go as high as up to 55 thousand per month. The difference is rather large, but the basic skill set or expertise that you bring to the table for your digital marketing job, is what can make your pay scale go even higher.

On an average, a freelancer doing digital marketing, can earn up to 5 lakh rupees per annum on the lower side and up to 8 lakh on the higher side depending upon the number of clientele.

The scope of Digital marketing jobs in India, and abroad, has only been expanding. As brands compete more and more for share of voice, and with multiple brands being built purely online, digital marketing is sometimes the only way remaining for any company to differentiate itself from another.

This differentiation is brought about by not only the tools used by companies, but also the people hired for digital marketing openings within the firm.

Growth is usually very good, but keep in mind- it is linked to performance and results.

Any Fresher, looking to gain a competitive advantage as a marketeer or as a growth consultant, should and can apply to be a digital marketeer. Freshers looking to get hired as a digital marketing executive, can showcase their talent and skill set with personal projects and certification courses that are freely available and are recognized globally.

Experienced professionals in marketing, can also look to shift to digital as associates or digital marketing managers, to take on a new challenge of communicating in the digital era as communication, design and strategy all are transferable skills that can be used in digital marketing jobs as well.

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