Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Mumbai 

The job market in Mumbai has changed tremendously over the years. Earlier, very few options were available to achieve a stable financial position. However, today, the possibilities have widened, and there are a lot of fields that people can explore to get ideal high-paying jobs in Mumbai. While the conventional job options include doctors, engineers, architects, etc., there are other choices too that might interest you. We will talk about ten such jobs here. Furthermore, you don’t need core or specialisation to land these jobs. 

Highest Paying Jobs in Mumbai

Here, have a look at these highest-paying jobs in Mumbai:


Over the years, a lot of people have turned their feet toward this career option. Business process outsourcing is all about explaining the business to the external provider. You can opt for either voice calling or a non-calling profile based on your preference.

Back office

A back office job simply involves managing the data and maintaining the records of any business. Almost all businesses or organisations need back office executives to help them clear their day-to-day tasks easily.

Data entry operator

A data entry operator finds and manages data for customers from various sources. This includes compiling, verifying, sorting, and maintaining the accuracy of the data.

Office assistant

Office assistants are responsible for taking calls, managing data, delivering messages, and taking care of basic office equipment like printers and faxes. They also fix meetings and manage the calendar for senior roles.


A highly respected job option, a teacher’s demand can never go out of style. No matter the place, there will always be the need for a teacher for the parents. From educating about studies to life, a teacher holds a special place in society.

Relationship manager

A relationship manager deals with developing and maintaining strong communication with the customers to build an even stronger connection. They work with both companies and clients to advise them on the new products and services available.


The job of a receptionist is to greet visitors and help them navigate the office. Also known as a front desk job, the role includes taking calls, maintaining calendars, sorting mails, making travel arrangements, and more for the company. 

Social media manager

No matter the size of the business, having a social media page for it has become a must today, giving birth to the social media manager job. The role includes maintaining social media accounts for the business on different platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Content writer

You need to market whatever you are selling. This is where the job of a content writer comes into the picture. A content writer researches on various topic to come up with their own pieces, which can be used to bridge the gap between customers and businesses. 

HR recruiter

HR recruiters have been in demand for a long time now. The role includes sourcing candidates online, conducting background checks, and posting job ads. Experienced HR recruiters might also take part in the initial job interview rounds. 


The list above has some of the highest-paying jobs in Mumbai. However, it is imperative to understand these are not the only options available. These jobs are high-paying in non-tech roles and do not need in-depth expertise or skills. Even a decent knowledge about the field and the willingness to learn can help you stay on the top of your game here.

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