Tips for Freshers to Kick-Start Their Career Confidently

Today’s freshers are tech-savvy, innovative, flexible, curious, ambitious, loyal, skilled, and more at ease in learning new things. Tech-natives assure freshers that by the end of 2025, there will be about 97 million new jobs in the space of artificial intelligence and automation. For every fresher who plans to get a job – there is a sea of opportunities waiting for you to explore and kickstart your career.

But before you go about cracking a deal, how about bettering your skills?

Know Yourself

You grew up with a hobby, pursued it in your career, and now you are on the verge of submitting yourself to a company. Ask yourself these questions before you dive into the norms of the workspace:

  • Would you like the job like you like your everyday coffee?
  • Are you happy with the package they offered to you?
  • What do you want from the job?
  • Do the company’s values align with your values?
  • Would you be able to manage your work life with your personal life?

Look Beyond Your Degree

A degree certificate brings you knowledge. Now is the time to step out of it and explore the world where you can apply it. Your degree means everything to your employer – to you, it is beyond the space of work. If you excel at medicine and IT, you cannot ignore the IT issues you encounter while working at a hospital.

Another path is always there at the end of the road for you to take. The learning process for life lessons and gaining knowledge is a continuous one. Limiting yourself to your degree can keep your brain lazy and heart dull. You do not want that for yourself- so explore, enrich, and live.

Networking is the Key

Networking helps you get connections for life. At any moment, you might need the help of someone to get a job or switch from one. The more you grow your circle, the more chances you get to grow in your career.

Get to know the people in your field of expertise. Learn how they have sustained their jobs. Keep in touch with the ex-employees too. They will tell you things about their ex-companies that nobody else would.

Plan Well

Planning for prospects should be the first and foremost action. Conduct thorough research about your target company’s –

  • scope,
  • expectations,
  • challenges,
  • spheres,
  • branches,
  • faculty, and
  • modes of work

– before you apply for it.

Build A Resume

A resume that stands out from the rest would land you your target job. Including every experience on your resume is a must.

A memorable candidate has a long list of work experience. Even if it is a month’s worth of work, mention it in your resume. It will grab a recruiter’s eye and make them consider your skillset.

Be Confident

Employers look for freshers confident enough to handle a job. You must possess confidence in talking about your expertise, skills, and abilities.

However, always keep in mind the slight difference between confidence and overconfidence. When you mix humility with confidence, you get a confident trait. And when you add haughty with confidence, you get an overconfident one.

Learn as Much as You Can

Before you take up a job and excel in your career – there is a lot of learning. Skillset-building opportunities compel a recruiter to consider your job application.

Additional skills outside your career can show the recruiter that you are a strong candidate who will not give up till you get your target job. Skillset-building opportunities can be internships, small-time jobs, or skill-development courses online.

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