Telephonic Interview Tips that Will Help You Get Hired

A telephonic interview is often the first round of the hiring process, and recruiters take it very seriously because they judge the communication skills of a candidate and also discuss the experience he/she has gathered so far. Obviously, it helps to improve the QoH (Quality of Hire).

On the other hand, some job applicants do not welcome this interview round because they hesitate to speak in their second language while talking to the recruiter over a phone call. Such hesitation results in rejection.

To help you with not missing out on any good job opportunity, we have curated some amazing telephonic interview tips that will help you get hired. So, pay heed while reading:

Keep your job search organized 

Being a job seeker is not easy because you try to grab every opportunity. However, it is important to put your temptation aside and do a proper job search so that you can apply to those companies that really need your skills. Do not take this for granted because giving countless telephonic interviews and facing rejections are just going to shatter your confidence. Therefore, doing a job search in an organized way is significant.

Write down or highlight the skills in the job description 

The description mentioned in your CV plays a pivotal role in getting a good job opportunity, thus you should capitalize on this aspect and mention all the skills you have got. Recruiters always check the job description section of the CV while identifying which candidate would be good for their organization. It would be great if you highlight all your skills because recruiters go through a multitude of CVs in a day. And you can catch their eyes by simply highlighting the important information.

Prepare your answers to the following questions 

A telephonic round is not as difficult as job applicants usually think these are because recruiters ask common questions most of the time. Note down all the questions you have heard so far during your telephonic interviews and prepare them properly so that you can give satisfactory answers next time. 

Research the company 

One of the most effective telephonic interview tips is to research the company that has shown interest in your profile. Recruiters expect shortlisted candidates to be acquainted with their company profile and offerings so that they can have a meaningful conversation. Hence, always check your next employer’s products and services before the interview to boost your chances of getting hired.

Prepare great questions 

Apart from discussing your skills, recruiters ask tricky questions about your priorities. For example, they ask you about your decision to leave your current employer, salary expectations, long-term goals, etc. Therefore, you need to prepare for such questions for the sake of giving satisfactory answers during your discussion with the recruiter.

Final interview advice

One of the most crucial telephonic interview tips we would like to give you is, talk to the recruiter normally. It will help you calm down your nerves and make you sound confident while talking. Just control your speech rate, choose easy words, try to give crisp answers, and so on. 

After considering these telephonic interview tips, prepare like a pro and visit Qjobs to apply to top-rated companies.

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