Six Steps to Build the Perfect Job Search Strategy

The perfect job search strategy involves a lot of hustle on your part. It is no longer about waiting for tomorrow’s newspapers and checking out the classified advertisements. It now requires calculated research, analysis, and development from your side. 

Here are the six steps to help you build your perfect job search strategy:

Figure out what You Want 

Ask yourself these questions: What makes you want to wake up in the morning? What are you passionate about? Knowing what you want to do is more important than searching for a job. Take up quizzes focusing on self-reflection and self-assessment. 

Prepare a Mission Statement or Objectives

Thinking of objectives regarding how to go about job searching will do wonders for your job search strategy. 


Pick your favorite niche and browse through various search engines. Then look for jobs from the search results, read about working professionals, and join groups on social media to know about the latest updates and upcoming trends.


Which city do you wish to work in? Where do you see a sustainable life for yourself? Is there any industry that interests you? Is it a small-time business or a giant company that excites you? What is it that you want to develop? Which skills would you wish to build? 


Engage with people in your field of interest. Know how they have lasted for years in a job. Networking skills will help you excel better in workspace relationships. 


Once you are ready with self-assessment, you must move towards reviewing your personal brand. What is it that you can sell to a company? Get in touch with the people who are interviewing you. 


Multiple offers come in if your resume is full of work experience. After every six months, update your resume on your LinkedIn or job portals; most companies seek eligible candidates on such platforms. Now is the time to check if the values, goals, and passion of a company match yours. Keep in touch with your previous networking groups.  

Do Your Research 

Keeping a record of the latest trends, upcoming market news, and industry performance is part of your research. Try to pursue the right job online. When someone sends you a job offer, check it out online. 

Work on Finding Job Leads

Job leads are in job portals like Monster India, LinkedIn, Times Jobs, Naukri, and Indeed. Just be aware of fraudsters. They can ask you for money before applying for a job. No company asks for money before applying for a job. Applying for a job is as free of cost as looking for it in cyberspace. 

Get in Touch with Referrals

Referrals are those already working in a company. How to get in touch with them? Find their profiles on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Send them a request and formally ask them questions about the company. Ask for a referral humbly. In the Internet world, using humble words is everything. 

Scroll Through LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is all about building the perfect job strategy. It has details of your favorite company, the list of people working there, jobs it can offer, and how-to-apply links.


We hope these six steps will help you get the job of your choice. Finding a job is no longer a tedious task. Happy hunting!

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