Six Popular IT Jobs In India


The IT and tech world is the new oasis for jobseekers. Indians looking for employment often see IT as the ideal career. There are many reasons for this. In FY’21 4 million Indians were employed in IT. The future of IT in India looks bright. But there are many career choices within IT. We look at six popular IT jobs in India in this article. You should be more precise on your career path by its end.

Analytics Manager

Analytics is a rapid growth field within IT. It involves statistics. Analytics managers work within the areas of business intelligence and data analysis. The information gathered through transactional activity is sifted and analysed by them. They work in the fields of configuration, design, and implementation. You need a post-secondary education in business, statistics, math, or a related field to be an analytics manager. Prepare to work with complex software if you choose this job prospect.

Data Scientist

A data scientist interprets big data. The aim is to steer the business in the right direction. They are masters of statistics and software engineering. Data scientists gather and analyse data. Then they use this analysis to predict and prescribe. The data is thus used to solve business challenges. The soft skill needed here is curiosity. These IT professionals should not just code but have skills like – hackers, analysts, advisers, and communicators.

Network And Computer Systems Administrator

These professionals work in a crucial IT area – computer networks. Network and Computer Systems Administrators are in high demand, and they manage the day-to-day working of computer networks. Installation, organisation, and maintenance of computer networks are in their field of operation. 

LANs, WANs, intranets, network segments, and other systems for data communication are their work area. Professionals usually hold a bachelor’s in network administration, web technology, computer science, or a similar degree.

Cloud Computing Specialist

Remote internet servers store, manage and process information. This is called cloud computing. Cloud computing is classified as public cloud networks, private cloud networks, and hybrid cloud networks. Cloud computing specialists should have project management and technical skills. They also need data integration and analysis skills.

Coding Expert

Across industries, the skill of coding is in extremely high demand. Coding involves speaking to the computer in a language it understands. If you are a good coder, the computer will obediently follow your commands. Programs, websites, and apps are all built on the backend of efficient coding. Coders are like the architects of this digital era. To be a coder, you need to know programming languages like .NET, Python, C++, C#, Javascript, Java, Linux, and SQL.

User Experience Designer

User experience designers are in high demand. User experience designers could be XD, UED, UXD, or UX. The end-user satisfaction is determined by this IT professional. They improve the pleasure, usability, and accessibility of the software. They work to create a positive product experience with users. User experience designers need to be problem solvers with skills like rapid prototyping, agile and lean UX, responsive design, crowdsourced and user-centred design, and business savvy.

Final Thoughts

IT jobs are changing in nature with every year. If you wish to work in any of the above professions, expect big monetary and professional rewards. Also, remember that IT jobs require continuous learning and upskilling. If you are intelligent and ready to put your brain to work, one of these six popular IT jobs might fit you.

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