Part-Time Jobs That Can Help You Strike A Good Work-Life Balance

Working people know how important it is to maintain a good balance between their work and life. However, it becomes difficult to strike a balance with the ever-increasing competitive world. If you are juggling somewhere in between, don’t worry. You are not alone. As per research, just 60% of Indians claimed to have a work-life balance, and the rest of us are still struggling.

You might wonder why it is important to balance your job and life. It is so because the imbalance can cause stress, fatigue, increased expectations, and lost time with family and friends. In simple words- you won’t be able to enjoy either side. While we cannot leave our jobs, we can surely look for other options.

Enters Part-time jobs. These are contract-based regular jobs that do not require you to check-in or remain present 24 x 7 at the office or during working hours.

What is a part-time job?

A part-time job is not bound for 9 to 5 or any other number. Instead, you get the liberty to choose your working hours here, which is pre-agreed by both the employers and employees. You can work for limited hours at any time of the day. A part-time job is ideal for students and people who can’t afford to take full-time employment for some reason. Furthermore, if you want a balance between your work and life, a part-time job is the thing. 

How to balance a part-time job and study? 

If you want to know how to balance a part-time job and study, look at the potential part-time job roles that can help you. These job roles are listed keeping the students in mind. So, you can earn while dedicating limited hours. Isn’t that great?

List of part-time jobs to balance job and study

1. HR Recruiter

Many firms hire part-timers for the role of HR recruiters to meet the growing demand for talent. The job profile includes taking telephonic interviews, scheduling and coordinating meetings between candidates and the company, maintaining records, etc. This job profile does not require any special degree or qualification. However, if you have done any HR course, that can work as an additional benefit for the role. 

2. Accountant

The second role on our list is Accountant. The massive increase of startups has given rise to many accountant roles. This includes both the full-time and part-time demand. As an accountant, one must understand book-keeping, handling cash, and coordinating with banks and vendors. Sometimes, you might also be required to assist in the annual audits. 

3. Customer Service

Customer service is a boon for you if you are good with people. There are various industries where there is demand for customer service roles or representatives. It can include working as a sales representative in some store or showroom etc. You can choose a sector that holds your interest and start applying for this role.

4. Sales Consultant

Good communication skills are required to work as a sales consultant. Many companies hire part-time people who can work as telecallers in their company and help increase their customer base. You need to find such companies. These jobs are even home-based. So, that makes it a good deal for people who can’t go to the office. 

5. Content Writer/ Editor

Content writing has emerged as a job role in recent years. And what a major career shift has this field witnessed. If you are interested in writing and are creative enough, this is the ideal part-time job role for you. The role includes different writing niches like technical content writing, B2B, Saas, marketing copies, website content writing, etc. You can pick any particular niche and start enjoying your part-time job.

6. Digital Marketer

Another role on our list is Digital Marketer. Companies are becoming more conscious about their online presence and brand name. As a result, they want people who can work on promoting their business online. This is where digital marketer comes into action. You need to be familiar with some technical terms and tools, and you are good to go.

7. Home Tutor

The traditional yet in-demand role is that of a home tutor. Depending upon your knowledge, you can choose to teach students. You don’t need any particular qualification for this. You need to have the right teaching knowledge, and patience as students sometimes can be tough to deal with.

8. Driver

If you know how to drive a car/vehicle, you can try the part-time role of the driver too. No educational qualification or background is needed. Just require the right driving skills. You can fix your hour of duty beforehand. These days, cab services like Ola and Uber are great for people who want to opt for this role.

9. Housekeeping

A lot of people out there are looking for housekeepers. Since they don’t have time themselves, they require someone who can take good care of their place. In some instances, apart from the basic pay, you can also benefit from having food from their side only.

10. Security guard

Many malls, apartments, shops, etc., need security guards. There is nothing to do with the degree or certificate you hold here. How conscious you are of your job determines how well-suited you are for this role.

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