How To Follow Up After an Interview?

HR managers are flooded with job applications every day. They have tight interview schedules and must scan a lot of candidates. In this situation, they are likely to forget many candidates as they meet new ones. As a prospective candidate, showing interest is important. One way of doing this is to follow up an interview.

Follow-ups can take place through several methods. These methods include email right after the interview, follow-up after the second interview, and a follow-up email after no response.

1. Follow-Up Email After the Interview

The first is the traditional way of reaching out to the HR manager through a follow-up email. Statistical data shows that 57% of candidates don’t follow up and diminish their chances of gaining candidacy.

A sample template for following up after an interview can be elaborated here:

Subject Line: Thank You for Your Time!

Respected (Name of Hiring Manager),

Thank you so much for the opportunity today. It was a pleasure to learn more about your company’s innovative strategy and core values (mention specific).

I would like to mention some specific projects I have been a part of, which I feel will give you more insight into my abilities. (Mention projects that you’ve done for yourself and any previous employers.)

I would also like to appreciate what you said in the interview (mention specific questions or insights that have been shared by the interviewer).

Feel free to contact me for any more information. I’m eagerly looking forward to getting a call from you next week.

Thank you again.

(Signature, with your name).

2. Follow-up Email after a second interview

An organization has multiple interview stages to assess the candidate. The deeper an individual goes into a business; the more information is given to them about the organization’s workings.

Therefore, the follow-up emails that an individual creates must be more detailed. This shows interest as well as knowledge about what is being presented to the candidate.

Again, personalization is at the heart of a follow-up email. A sample follow-up email after the second interview has been detailed here.

Subject Line: It was a Delight to Know More about (the name of the position).

Respected Sir,

I would like to express my gratitude for considering me for the second stage of the interview. This opportunity has made me more certain about coming closer to my dream about working with (the name of the team).

I have started to contemplate more about the discussed project (product name). I feel that the ideas we have discussed are heading in the right direction (details of the ideas). I feel I can contribute immensely to the discussed projects through my skills (presentation skills, writing skills, teamwork skills, and anything else).

I would be delighted to understand what you expect from me further and how I can deliver the same. I would love the opportunity to be able to become an asset to what you are considering for the position.

Thank you once more for taking the time and considering. I will be looking forward to hearing from you in the coming week.

Thank you and regards,

(Name and Signature).

3. Finding a follow-up Email after no response

Even if you do not get a response, writing a follow-up email is crucial. It helps you eliminate any doubt that you might have to wait further for an opportunity. It also informs the concerned organization that you might be looking for other openings.

If you can get past the initial awkwardness, it might send them a reminder that you’re a candidate they may have overlooked.

A sample for such might be provided here:

Subject line: Following up on an interview for (vacancy name)

Respected (Hiring Manager Name),

I contemplated that I should check up on our last interview. I felt that I had made a positive impression and wanted to inquire if you might have looked over my application amongst the many candidates you are considering.

In case you have considered someone else, please let me know so that I can pursue other opportunities. I would like to inform you that a competitive enterprise has offered me a job position as well.

If there is any possibility of joining your enterprise, I would be more interested in that. I want to express my eagerness to be a part of your enterprise and would like to inform you that any response from your site will be appreciated.

Please kindly update me about the situation on your end as it will be appreciated. If there are any additional details I can give you, kindly contact me at your convenience.

Thank you,

(Signature and Name)

Final Thoughts

An individual should be able to maintain a good relationship with the hiring manager. These follow-ups are a strategic method through which a reminder to these individuals for future vacancies is also a way to think ahead. Therefore, the advantage of these methods must always be undertaken.

As per the situation a candidate is facing, anticipating the circumstance of the hiring manager is crucial. Creating a follow-up mail at every stage not only showcases interest but also eagerness and initiative on your side. Thus, sending a follow-up mail, for the first or second interview or even with no response is vital. It highlights how you as a candidate are better suited for a position when others are slacking behind.

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