How to Answer the Question: “Are You a Team Player?” in an Interview

Almost every job interviewer comes up with the question, “Are you a team player?” Being a team player is a requirement employers look for in new hires. And why not? 

Each individual has their own set of abilities, talents, and skills—and when used with a cooperative mindset over a shared goal, organizations have a competitive advantage.

This article sees why employers ask, “are you a team player,” and what you, as an employee, must aim to answer.

Why do recruiters ask, “Are you a team player?” in an interview?

Interviewers typically ask, “are you a team player” to assess if the applicants will work well with others.

It is essential to know how you will work with the existing team and help them achieve the objectives. Therefore, to address this common interview question, you must first explore how employees operate.

How to respond to the question “Are you a team player?” in an interview?

Read these tips to properly respond to this question and exhibit your knowledge and understanding of teamwork skills:

Stay up-to-date.

Examine the company’s social media profiles, press mentions, and website to better understand the workplace culture and principles. The idea is to stay updated with their recent developments and accurately pitch your team-player-prowess in sync with their needs.

Thus, you will avoid overselling yourself (which could happen unconsciously) and deliver just the needful information about yourself. 

Make an impression.

Always go for an experience that will put you in a positive light. For example, you might have helped resolve a problem or bought a team together. Or you may have helped the team achieve exceptional results through higher sales, cost savings, etc. 

The catch is: tell the interviewer how you will benefit them!

Use the STAR Approach.

It is best to respond using the STAR technique, i.e.:

  • ‘Situation’ given
  • ‘Task’ at hand
  • ‘Action’ you took to address the situation
  • ‘Result’ of your action 

This approach allows you to simplify a complicated issue swiftly and concisely. 

Include relevant instances.

Before the interview, go over the job description to obtain a better idea of the sort of teamwork the organization requires. Then, prepare various examples that demonstrate different group projects.

Showcase your additional skills.

Find instances that demonstrate your other capabilities and teamwork abilities. Choose a narrative that reflects your leadership, sales skills, collaborative skills.

Sample responses to the “Are you a team player?” question

Let us look at some sample team player interview responses, so you may be well-prepared:

Example 1

“I value being a part of a team because of the opportunity it provides me, and I feel there is a wealth of knowledge to gain from every single teammate. Working in a team also boosts my productivity.” 

Example 2

“Yes, I do believe I am a team player. I have served as a team lead and a contributor in my previous roles, which inclines me to a team’s shared objective and collective mindset. Furthermore, my excellent communication skills, cooperative approach, and openness to constructive criticism will make me a good part of a team.”

Example 3

“I have always been a team player, evident from my love for team sports, such as football or basketball. It is fantastic to share the same vision or interest in a project with others. I enjoy working as part of a team.”

Bottom Line

Whether you are a team player or not is perhaps one of the essential questions in an interview. So, ensure you answer it confidently and appropriately to let your interviewer know that you are the best candidate for the post!

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