Exercise Your Way to Good Health and Success

Mark Twain famously said, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world, I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.” By the same logic, exercising is probably the hardest thing to do! Just recall how many times you must have put off commencing your planned fitness regime “just by a day”! So, why is it so difficult to take the first step?

Grab the many benefits of exercise

Perhaps you do not fully appreciate the multiple advantages of staying fit! Here are some reasons to look forward to it.

Improves moods and emotions: A healthy body and a happy mind go hand in hand. A well-conditioned physique creates a concrete basis for positive emotions to thrive.

Suitable for physiology: Staying trim directly impacts your physical self. Regular exercise can reduce excess fat, tone up your muscles, keep your bones supple, prevent joints from stiffening up and add a glow to your skin.

Reduces risk of chronic health afflictions: Systematic physical activity also helps the body’s natural defence mechanisms and minimises the risk of developing chronic ailments.

Improves brain functionality: Energy expended in exercising relaxes your body and helps you rest and sleep soundly. It also stimulates the processes of the mind and improves thinking skills and motor reflexes.

Maintaining work-life balance

With modern workplaces stressing the importance of an excellent work-life balance, it is easier to develop routines that help you stay happy and fit. Here are some tips for the after-office hours.

Playing a game: One of the most enjoyable methods is to regularly play one of your favourite sports. A quick game of badminton, tennis, or table tennis, a short stint on the football or hockey field, a vigorous cricket match – the choice is yours. (Note: This rule does not apply if your favourite game is chess or billiards!)

Dancing, cycling, or swimming: Yes, you read that right. If you love to spend an hour in the water, just dive in regularly and swim. Cycle to work, or get your bike out for an early morning spin every weekend. If disco music or hip-hop is your thing, hit the dance floor and shake a leg, or two, to the rhythm.

Yoga, callisthenics, aerobics, etc.: Though not as vigorous in terms of physical activity, these disciplines are sure shot methods of keeping fit. They mix traditional knowledge with modern science and do not require much space or equipment.

Running, jogging, or walking in the park: You can always choose this option no matter where you live. It yields adequate dividends in terms of burnt-off calories and receding waistlines if you maintain appropriate levels. A stroll in the park may be just what your doctor ordered for your grandparents but falls far short of what a youngster may need.

Visits to the gym: Gyms are not only for wannabe bodybuilders or the next Bollywood star. There are many simple things you can achieve by regular visits. Get a trainer to introduce you to equipment and routines appropriate to your goals.

Incorporating exercise into your workplace

Don’t be disappointed if you sincerely want to exercise and cannot combine any of these options with your regular routine. There are numerous ways to blend fitness into your daily life.

Increase the distance you walk: If you work long hours hoping to reach the peak of your career extra quickly, then build in a minor tweak to your schedule. Avoid elevators and walk up the stairs to the office or home. If the number of floors is daunting, you can always get off a few levels lower and walk the rest of the way.

Alternatively, choose a parking slot a couple of lanes away, and voilà, you have welcome exercise in the form of a few additional strides each day.

Move around the workplace: Get up each time you want to discuss a minor point with a colleague rather than just picking up the intercom. Use your cell phone and walk up and down a corridor on a never-ending conference call. You will be surprised at the distances you cover each day. Strap on a smart watch and check yourself.

Utilise the breaks efficiently: Make sure you manage to get out of the office during your lunch hour routine. Use spaces where you can walk, do deep breathing, a few stretches or lunges. Scope out your office complex carefully, and you will be surprised at the number of options that present themselves.

Remember, a proper work-life balance can build a healthy body that sustains you in the long climb to the peak when you have higher goals.

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