Be A Service Delivery Manager: Things You Should Know

Every brand needs someone who can maintain a strong and healthy relationship with clients because that’s the only way to keep the business stable and growing. In other words, every brand requires a competent and knowledgeable Service Delivery Manager.

A Service Delivery Manager is a person who makes sure that all services get delivered to clients on time and without any hassle. To ensure that the quality is not compromised at any point in time, a Service Delivery Manager takes charge of many tasks. For example, managing budgets, improving team performance, rectifying reliability issues, tracking KPIs (key performance indicators), and much more.

They always communicate with clients in a way that makes each requirement crystal clear, and this quality helps all involved to live up to all the expectations and prevents the chances of a blame game.

What are the major responsibilities of a Service Delivery Manager?

The major responsibilities of a Service Delivery Manager are:

  • Laying out a service plan for a company comprising all the required services
  • Handling the finance and maintaining a budget 
  • Training new service delivery team members to ensure high-quality standards 
  • Implementing new strategies to boost overall team performance and managing conflicts 
  • Connecting with clients to resolve their doubts
  • Delegating tasks properly to the team members
  • Keeping a close eye on the quality and delivery of the services 
  • Ensuring long-term client relationships

What are the eligibility criteria to become a Service Delivery Manager?

If you want to make your career in Service Delivery Management, make sure you meet the following eligibility criteria:

Education: Aspirants must get a business management degree or complete their graduation from any related field. Note that you can also apply for a Service Delivery Manager position if you have a sales management degree.

Technical skills: Hone your computer skills and learn how to manage finance and budget.

Soft skills: Leadership, customer handling, team management, communication, teamwork, etc., are a few skills you should work on to do well on an interview.

 Work experience: At least one year of experience in a relevant field is required.

Which courses can help to become a Service Delivery Manager?

To become a Service Delivery Manager, you can opt for one of the following courses:

You can opt for a Bachelor of Business Management, which will cost you around Rs 45,000 to 3 lakhs.

MBA in Business Management is another course you can do. The fees of this course are around Rs 1 to 6 lakhs.

The third course we would like to suggest is the Bachelor of Business Administration. Its fees start from Rs 27,000 and go up to 8 lakhs.

You can go for the Masters of Business Administration course. Depending on which college you choose, its fees are around Rs 15,000 to 25 lakhs.

What are the job role types?

A Service Delivery Manager has to perform technical as well as administrative roles, depending on the company’s requirements. The role of a Service Delivery Manager also changes according to the industry. For example, Service Delivery Managers in the IT industry primarily focus on rectifying technical issues, while in the retail sector, they take care of the inventory and records. A Service Delivery Manager can handle different profiles as well. Some of them are listed below.

  • Client Service Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Food Service Manager
  • Guest Service Associate
  • Program Manager

What is the scope of employment opportunities for a Service Delivery Manager?

As stated in the introduction, every brand requires a Service Delivery Manager, regardless of the industry. So there should not be a dearth of employment opportunities. What’s more, over 30% of jobs for this role are available in the IT sector. A Service Delivery Manager can easily start a business because they know how to deal with clients and maintain long-lasting relationships with them.

Here are the main sectors where Service Delivery Managers are high in demand:

  • E-commerce
  • Insurance companies
  • Finance firms
  • Banks 
  • Aviation
  • Telecom companies 
  • IT firms 
  • Hospitality 

What salary package is usually offered to a Service Delivery Manager?

Since a Service Delivery Manager plays a pivotal role in maintaining client relationships, brands offer a great salary package while hiring. The starting salary of a Service Delivery Manager is INR 4 lakhs per annum, which grows drastically with experience. For example, if you reach the senior level, you can earn up to INR 15 lakhs per annum.

Even freelancing is not a bad option for Service Delivery Managers, as brands in foreign countries offer a whopping $154 per hour. 

So don’t worry about the salary package; just focus on honing your skills to kick-start your career in Service Delivery Management as soon as possible.

What are the pros and cons of becoming a Service Delivery Manager?

Every job profile has some pros and cons; therefore, it is important to keep your mindset positive and focus on what you do best. 

You can check the following pros and cons of becoming a Service Delivery Manager just to gain the required knowledge to help you make the right decision.

Pros of becoming a Service Delivery Manager

  • Your leadership skills improve phenomenally. 
  • Remuneration is high compared to other job profiles.
  • It is suitable for those who are good at customer service management.
  • It offers interactions with different people every day, which makes this profile exciting. 

Cons of becoming a Service Delivery Manager

  • You need at least a year of experience in Sales or Customer Service to begin your career. 
  • You may have to follow tight deadlines, at times, to keep clients happy. 
  • The burden of ensuring high quality will always be on your shoulders. 
  • You are likely to struggle without excellent communication skills.

Wrapping up

The demand for a diligent Service Delivery Manager was, is, and will always be high because brands across industries need someone who can ensure timely delivery of high-quality services.

Through this blog post, we have tried to tell you who a Service Delivery Manager is, what responsibilities they hold, how much brands are likely to pay, and much more so that you can decide if you want to become a Service Delivery Manager. We hope this was helpful and an informative read!

If you are sure that you want to build a career in Service Delivery Management, check out the opportunities available on Qjobs now!

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