A Guide To Help You Identify Your Areas To Upskill

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.”

Albert Einstein

The professional world all around us is ever-changing, and in today’s technology day and age, it is doing so more rapidly. If you wish to stay relevant in this competitive job market, it is important that you are open to constantly upskilling. Knowing the areas to upskill will not only help you go beyond what you are today, but it will also help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

While everyone would like to upskill and learn new skills, the challenge really lies in identifying areas to upskill in. To help you in this journey, here are some simple ways to identify your areas of up-skill.

Work On Your Weaknesses And Areas Of Interest

“The path to success starts with self-awareness”. Perhaps the easiest place to start is to know what are your weaknesses and work on upskilling on those areas to strengthen them. Work on those skills that are a gap in skills in your current role/the role you intend to take up, and identify programs and courses that can help you achieve mastery in those areas. 

Another positive step towards upskilling is to start with areas of your interest. Since you are already interested in learning that skill, you will be able to learn faster. This will not only help you start positively, but will also give your morale a huge boost right at the start. 

Upskill To Become Future-Ready 

In almost any industry today, technology plays an important role, and technology is moving really fast, faster than what the vast majority can cope with. Upskilling yourselves with the latest in technology can be a game-changer. Another way to make your career future-ready is to learn about the skill sets recruiters look for in the profession you would like to pursue, and develop those skills and knowledge. 

Answer one of the most common questions asked during interviews, ‘where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?’ It could be another great guiding light to identify the areas to upskill in. 

Work Towards The Change You Desire

While there are many things at work that may make you feel that it is not right, this could lead to not only you getting frustrated, but could quickly lead to you losing your interest at work. If you feel that the tasks you are asked to perform are limiting your growth, look for what you would like to do to fast-track your journey at work and start working on upskilling in those areas. To be successful in your career, you must stay abreast with the latest in your field of work and be ready to adapt to any change that the future may hold in store. 

Be Bold And Upskill To Change 

When it comes to learning or growth, there is never a wrong time for both. If you feel that the current role that you are in is not satisfying enough, it is ok to shake up your life and explore areas to upskill where you believe your interests lie. It is never too late to start afresh and give your career a shake-up that it requires. If your interests lie in those areas to upskill, you will be able to adapt faster and catch up with everything better. 

Think 360° For A More Holistic Growth

It is great that you are on top of most of your individual goals or have already identified and are working on specific areas to upskill. However, for your overall growth, it also helps to look at a larger picture to identify other improvement opportunities you might be missing out on. Balance and spread the areas to upskill over a larger horizon so that you can ensure that you can devote ample time to absorb them all. Ensure that you are not letting one area slip, while focusing on other areas you are trying to upskill. 

There is usually more than one channel, like blogs, articles, educational platforms, webinars, etc., that you can tap into for upskilling in a particular skill. It is important to evaluate once in a while if you have tapped into all the resources that can help you upskill in an area.

Learning and upskilling are generally long-term processes that require you to invest a lot of your time in them. Review your progress regularly to ensure that the journey, to upskill yourself that you have embarked on, is not only fruitful, but is also heading in the desired direction that you intended to progress towards. When it comes to identifying areas to upskill, remember that it always starts with you starting the journey.

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