5 Tips to Ease Your Online Job Search

Searching for jobs online seems to be easy, at least until you get around to doing it yourself. If you’ve uploaded your resume onto a job site but aren’t getting the right response yet, this short read may be just the push in the right direction that you need.

Here are 5 tips to ease your online job search and help you reach out to relevant organisations more efficiently.

Prepare a great CV

We’ve all heard the adage about first impressions being the best impressions. Your Curriculum Vitae is exactly that: the first impression you get to make on your prospective employers.

As they’re also called, resumes or CVs tend to be boring and generic in most cases. Here are a few tips to help you spruce up your resume. 

Add a cover letter

A cover letter is nothing more than a brief introduction of who you are and a summary of your work experience. Ideally, your cover letter should be around 250-400 words. 

Be honest

Resumes often tend to be full of complicated words and exaggerations of one’s skill sets. Unfortunately, that is more likely to damage your chances of landing the job than actually impressing your interviewers. 

Instead, keep your resume honest, simple, and brief. 

Choose the correct job site

Choosing the correct job site can save you a lot of time. While larger job sites may have more job postings to view, you are also more likely to waste more time sifting through everything until you find job openings that match your profile.

Instead, a quick search will lead you to smaller sites that are often more oriented towards niche business verticals and can help narrow down your search based on your area of expertise. 

Know the job market

Being aware of the job market and hiring trends is guaranteed to make landing the right job easier. For example, the pandemic threw the entire market into a tizzy, and many large businesses froze all hiring.

As a result, the market was flooded with experienced resources looking for jobs, making it more difficult for those with less experience to land jobs. 

Read up about the company

Once you land an interview, an essential part of preparing for it is reading up about the company you are being interviewed by. Be aware of the business verticals they service, their product offerings, how long they’ve been around, and other information so you are not blindsided when they ask you questions.

Sign up for email alerts

The most important part of getting the right job is being aware of what opportunities are available in the market, and the easiest way to stay informed is to subscribe to email alerts.

Sign up for regular email alerts from the job sites you are searching on and from business networking platforms like LinkedIn. This is advantageous in more than one way. 

It keeps you abreast with the latest hiring trends and when companies list openings that match your profile. The second advantage is applying for those openings when the listings are still new. Being among the first few to apply gives your resume added visibility.

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