10 Ways to Hire Blue-Collar Workers in India

The blue-collar industry is made up of people who do manual labour. Employees in a manufacturing or processing facility and warehouse employees in logistics are examples of blue-collar workers. This industry also includes hard manual labour such as farming, landscaping, building, and waste removal.

Though blue-collar workers are frequently associated with unskilled labour, they are among the most competent manual workers, including trained electricians and plumbers. Some blue-collar workers complete vocational training courses after 12th to work in certain fields.

How to Hire Blue Collar Workers in India?

To attract and retain blue-collar workers, we need to find alternative ways to recruit them. Let us look at 10 such ways to find the right blue-collar candidate for your firm:

Share unheard of benefits. 

The shortage of blue-collar workers in India is a big problem for industrial growth. Thus, developing an attractive scheme can be beneficial in the hiring process. 

Involve some perks and advantages in your job notification to gather the attention of interested candidates. Connecting skilled, semi-skilled, and non-skilled human power can be easy if your hiring strategy has better options for workers. You can also provide a vocational training course after 12th for these workers.

Try all categories of online job portals.

Every type of worker uses the internet these days. Therefore, using social media platforms is an excellent way to announce job openings. Besides, portals designed specifically for job search are also helpful in hiring blue-collar workers. 

Offer jobs to multi-skilled candidates.

Companies often make the mistake of looking for a specific skill for a particular job. Candidates should be evaluated for practical skills rather than theoretical interview sessions.

Extend your referral schemes.

Employee recommendations are one of the most effective hiring tactics because referred individuals tend to remain longer at the company and fit in better with the culture. So, ask your employees if they know of any other qualified individuals who could fill your open positions.

Begin your referral programme by deciding which referral incentives you can offer for successful recommendations and how you will reach out to your employees.

Evaluate talent faster.

An effective way to speed up your hiring process is mass recruitment. This process has many advantages, like on-site verification and huge reach in less time. You can also start a placement drive where courses after 12th are conducted.

Look for interns. 

The best thing about hiring interns is their boundless energy. Almost all new employees have a lot of energy, and it is up to the employer to make the best of it. Finding a fresher who has just finished a vocational course after 12th will also help you stay within your budget.

Tap into a mobile-friendly audience.

Recent blue-collar job seekers are more likely than other workers to use their smartphones to search for jobs. It implies that if your careers page or application forms are not mobile-friendly, you may lose competent applicants.

Leverage the power of video.

Videos can be used to engage your potential candidates, address the benefits available for them, and run ad campaigns to attract more sign-ups.

Get a specialised blue-collar subscription.

It would be beneficial to get a subscription to a job portal specialising in hiring blue-collar workers.

 Create multi-location jobs.

By attracting candidates from more than one location, you can drastically improve your hiring chances. Identify and utilise them.

Final Words

Because of the shortage of blue-collar workers, training is becoming more important for current employees and new hires. Many large corporations are partnering with startups or other organisations to carry out these training programs. 

The market is now critical for blue-collar workers in manufacturing, logistics, and construction. But it is also extending to other industries and themes, such as data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

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